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   Chapter 286 Half Happiness And Half Sadness

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6186

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After dinner, Qingyan returned to her room, and Liushang told everything to her what had happened in the Jiangjunfu recently.

The first good news was that Su Qingwen was appointed to marry the Third Prince as his legal wife.

Second, it seemed that Luo Yiqian had offended the Third Prince. So the Third Prince threw her directly to the woodshed and asked his men to rape and insult her.

And one more thing was that the Nanchen Kingdom sent a princess named Qilian Qingyue for the purpose of the marriage.

As Qingyan listened to Liushang's report, she had long known that Su Qingwen married Xuanyuan Yvzhe. But she really didn't expect that the Third Prince would throw Luo Yiqian into the woodshed and asked his men to insult her. It was a nightmare for a woman.

While she was away from the Capital City, there were many interesting things happening there. And she seemed to have missed a lot of good things.

"It seems that while I was away, there have been a lot of interesting things happening in the Capital City!" "But what happened to Tina?'' Qingyan said smilingly. According to Shaoyao's character, she wouldn't allow Xuanyuan Yvzhen to do such cruel things. "

Yaochi also looked at Liushang with a surprised look.

"Shaoyao has done nothing wrong." "But it doesn't mean that the people in the Third Prince's mansion won't take any action. Besides, they always believe in Shaoyao, so they would report Luo Yiqian's behavior to the Third Prince."

Hearing what Liushang said, Qingyan earnestly nodded her head. Shaoyao was really good at winning people's heart. But I wondered what Luo Yiqian had done as to make Xuanyuan Yvzhen so annoyed.

"Luo Yiqian drugged Shaoyao and threw her to a brothel. Xuanyuan Yvzhe finally knew about it. That's why Luo Yiqian end up like that." Liushang looked at Qingyan and said re

vzhe and said with a smile.

Xuanyuan Yvzhe instructed a servant to take Qingyan to the yard where Shaoyao lived. The maid at the gate also informed the Shaoyao when she saw Qingyan.

The maids invited Qingyan in, and then asked the maids who had led the way before to leave.

"Miss, you are here." Then, Shaoyao walked out and asked with a smile, "how have you been in the Mao City, Miss?"

Then, Qingyan walked to Shaoyao's side. With a smile on her face, Qingyan said, "I'm fine. Don't worry about it. But you did a good job by taking down Luo Yiqian."

Taking a glance at Qingyan, Shaoyao continued with a smile, "of course Luo Yiqian thought I was easy to deal with. She didn't expect that she would end up like that." Then it seemed that Shaoyao thought of something. She asked respectfully, "Su Qingwen will marry the Third Prince in spring."

Hearing this, Qingyan nodded earnestly. "I've already known this matter from Liushang. I planned to let Luo Yiqian deal with Su Qingwen, but now it's not worth it."

"Why not?" Shaoyao looked at Qingyan in confusion.

"Now, Luo Yiqian is just a useless person. There is no use keeping her. You can do what I am telling you later." Qingyan whispered in Shaoyao's ear.

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