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   Chapter 281 Antidote

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The next day when Chonglou came back, he began to decoct the antidote. At the same time, Qingyan stood beside him and helped him. Now they could only place their hope on this so-called antidote.

Looking at the heavy expression of Chonglou, Qingyan walked to him and comforted, "Chonglou, you can rest assured that this will work."

When Chonglou turned around to look at Qingyan, she said smilingly, "Qingyan, do you know what I've been thinking about these days?"

Qingyan was surprised at what Chonglou said.

"In fact, I was thinking that an ordinary woman would not take the initiative to take the blame. But you knew clearly that you were in poor health, but you still took the blame. This kind of woman is not good enough for Shizi."

Qingyan couldn't help but laugh. She didn't know what to say.

"Qingyan, I've found a way to cure your body, and I've tested it on many people. Now it should be possible to remove the poison from your body." Chonglou said to Qingyan with a smile, "then you don't have to use the ghost scorpion to detoxify your scorpion."

She hadn't seen Chonglou for a long time. She didn't expect that Chonglou had got the antidote from it and could make the antidote in such a short time. She felt that Jean's medical skills were far from satisfactory.

"Chonglou, my medical skills was far from you." "Thank you for your concern," Qingyan said, smiling at.

Chonglou shook his head as he looked at Qingyan, "it's our greatest wish to see you standing by Shizi's side safe and sound. Besides, Shizi has been worrying about you. So for your future, I must develop the antidote as soon as possible."

Chonglou and Qingyan were chatting as they prepared the antidote. At last, they had to give the

capital, so I promised this." The man knelt down before Murong Jingxuan. "I wouldn't have agreed if I had known it."

Ning Chenhui? Qingyan then turned to look at Murong Jingxuan, who was sitting next to her.

"Ning Chenhui is the eldest son of Marquis Jingguo's second concubine. It is said that he often does business outside and deals with commerce in every country. He is the biggest money bag of Xuanyuan Yvfan."

When they heard this voice, they turned their heads and saw Xuanyuan Yvzhen, who was slowly walking towards them with the help of Tieyi.

"Fourth brother, you haven't recovered yet. How can you get out?" Looking at Xuanyuan Yvzhen, Murong Jingxuan asked helplessly, "if the imperial concubine knows this..."

"I hope you don't tell my mother about it. After all, I'm all right now." Xuanyuan Yvzhen stared at them and asked earnestly.

Qingyan looked at the expression on Xuanyuan Yvzhen's face and nodded earnestly. "Don't worry, fourth brother. I will not tell mother, after all, she will also be worried at that time. Since your health is good now, we can start to investigate who is the dark hands behind the rabbit pestilence."

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