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   Chapter 280 I Can't Die

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 5936

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Qingyan and Murong Jingxuan didn't know how they had listened to the conversation. According to that man, the real manipulator behind the scenes should be Second Prince or anyone who assisted him. They hadn't mentioned a name, so no one knew exactly who was behind it.

They only knew that the ultimate beneficiary of this case was Xuanyuan Yvfan.

On her way back home, Qingyan had been thinking about the rabbit pestilence, but she found that she could do nothing about it. Maybe she could find other ways to prevent it from spreading.

When they returned to the village, the clamor in the day had disappeared, replaced by a serene scene. But no one would have thought that many patients living here were waiting for the death.

Murong Jingxuan wanted to send Qingyan back to the yard, but Qingyan refused. Qingyan said frankly, "maybe only in this way can I feel at ease.".


The problem of the rabbit pestilence hasn't been solved well. Only the minor patients in the village have been cured, but those people still don't believe what Qingyan said. They can only live with the infected people.

This situation lasted for a whole month till the new year's Eve.

They couldn't catch up with the dinner in the new year's Eve and could spend New Year's Eve in a village. Emperor Hongjia initially declared that they could came back, but Xuanyuan Yvzhen didn't want to leave. He thought it was not bad to live among those ordinary people.

"You've done a lot for the people of the Mao City, and we are all clear with your contributions." An elder man looked at them and said kindly, "if it weren't for you guys, I would have been dead."

Even though some people had been cured, they still could not find a way to control the rabbit pestilence. There

ve kept us in the dark. You're to blame if anything happens to him," Qingyan said.

Hearing what Qingyan said, Tieyi lowered his head, but said nothing as if he had made a mistake.

"Tieyi, when did your master have these symptoms?" Chonglou asked seriously.

"To be honest, I found that master coughed blood five days ago, but I don't know when he was infected."

"It seems that fourth brother has been infected for nearly ten days, and we have missed the best time to cure him. No matter what, the most important thing now is to find the antidote." Qingyan walked to the bedside and looked at Xuanyuan Yvzhen.

"I've already made an initial prescription for the rabbit pestilence. I'll pick up the medicines tomorrow to see if it has any effect. If it works, I can boil them in bulk."

Hearing what Chonglou said, Qingyan nodded to him earnestly. Murong Jingxuan patted on Chonglou's shoulder and said, "thank you for your help, Chonglou."

As Chonglou said, he turned around and continued to be busy with the antidote. Now, Qingyan had to take care of Xuanyuan Yvzhen, but she was worried about the people there. Therefore, she had to ask Tieyi to take care of him.

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