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   Chapter 279 Pestilence (IV)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6001

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Chonglou had asked people about the situation of the injured on the way here, and Fengqing had also told him everything. It was the first time for him to see kind of rabbit pestilence, especially in such a large-scale situation.

"This is the first time I have encountered such a large-scale pestilence. The specific situation can only be known after investigation, but..." Chonglou looked at Qingyan said seriously.

Hearing what Chonglou said, Qingyan nodded. "The more people we can save, the better. After all, they are both living people."

Chonglou nodded in agreement. "Then I will take actions separately with Qingyan." Then Chonglou turned around and left.

Qingyan also turned around and walked to the opposite direction.

The only thing they could do now was separate the ICU from the slight cases so that it was easier for them to cure.

It was getting dark when they had done all this. All the people in good spirits started to light up their candles.

"Yanyan, you must be very tired after a whole day's work. You'd better have a rest now." Murong Jingxuan walked over to Qingyan and put a bowl of porridge in front of her. "Here's the porridge from Yaochi. Try some."

Taking the bowl from Murong Jingxuan' hand, Qingyan finished eating the congee in one gulp. She raised her head to look at Murong Jingxuan and asked, "how's that girl doing? I'm coming to have a look."

The woman held the girl's hand and walked towards them before Qingyan was about to leave. Upon seeing Qingyan, the woman knelt down and said, "thank you! Thank you! My child is recovered."

The little girl and the woman also knelt down and said, "thank you, Miss beauty."

Hearing this, Qingyan was relieved. She squatted down and rubbed the little girl's head. "It's all right. Your m

cating him to be quiet. Maybe they could find some secrets in the room next door.

"Boss, we have already handled this matter well. But I did not expect that the Fourth Prince of the Donghe Kingdom would come here. Shall we take this opportunity to kill him?"

"No." "We only serve for the Second Prince. It's not the time to the Fourth Prince now. Besides, master said that we can take down the three of them in the worst situation."

"But we are not a match for them. Even Junzhu Leyi seems to be a kungfu master, let alone the Fourth Prince."

"What martial arts does she know? Her kungfu is no practical. We just need to teach her a lesson and show her our power. What's more, the Second Prince has always been fond of Junzhu Leyi. It would be nice if we could give Junzhu Leyi to him."

"But, boss, the secret guards around Junzhu Leyi are all good at fighting, but we haven't found out the whereabouts of them."

"Those secret guards are not worth mentioning. Their Kungfu is by no means comparable to us. Those people will definitely die by then. As long as we can kill the Fourth Prince and give Junzhu Leyi to the Second Prince, we will definitely have endless wealth and rank."

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