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   Chapter 271 Who Are You (Ⅲ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6318

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Hearing this, Qingyan stepped back. Of course, she knew about it. In order to be together with Weisheng Junmo, she invited the Duoqing Parasite. It took her 99 days to do that.

The Duoqing Parasite, namely, could make the host never betray their lovers.".

However, for the sake of his mother and clan, Weisheng Junmo chose to betray Qilian Qingyan and their initial love.

Even if this was not the original intention of Weisheng Junmo, everything could not be changed.

The Duoqing Parasite was rare in the world. When Qilian Qingyan died, the female parasite in her body would naturally die, and the male parasite in Weisheng Junmo's body would also die after a few days. His white hair was the best proof.

"Are you really mother?" Weisheng Yvning said without hesitation as he looked at Qingyan. He went to Qingyan and knelt down, "tell me, are you my mother? Even if you're not my mother any more, I can't forget your feelings. You must be my mother, right?"

Qingyan looked at Weisheng Yvning, who was kneeling in front of her and picked him up, "it doesn't matter."

Weisheng Yvning shook her head. "It's very important for me. My mother is the motivation for me to live all the time. I want to avenge her. I want to kill Qilian Qingyi and Weisheng Junyan. I want to get a hug from my mother at the end and let her know all the things I have done for her."

Qingyan somehow didn't stop the tears from falling from her eyes. The boy kneeling on the ground was her son and the one she worried about most.

"Yvning, she's not your mother. She's just a little like your mother." Weisheng Junmo looked at Weisheng Yvning and said with a smile.

Looking at Qingyan, Weisheng Junmo seemed to have understood a lot of things and what she had said before. "Do you believe in the method of repaying souls with a dead body?"

The woman in front of him was Su Qingyan. B

ow the head of the Qilian clan is Qilian Qingyi's brother, Qilian Qinglang. While her Princess, Qilian Qingyue, will be sent here by marriage. She was brought up under Qilian Qingyi's lap. Sean is good at playing tricks. She is also at your age. Similarly, it is said that their target is the Fourth Prince. "

With a grim smile, Qingyan said in a low voice, "The Fourth Prince! They must have planned to fawn on my mother under the guise of marriage alliance. Mother has already known what happened to father, so she will never agree to this marriage. Even if they want to use some dirty tricks, we still need to see if they can use it. " Qingyan clenched her fists as she said.

Observing the expression on Qingyan's face, Weisheng Junmo found that she seemed to be different than before. Perhaps after experiencing her last life and death experience, she would have an epiphany, and all of this would happen sooner or later.

"If I'm not mistaken, they wanted to take the opportunity of selection show on after the new year, but if you don't want to deal with this woman, I can help you solve it on the way."

Looking at Weisheng Junmo, Qingyan shook her head. "No, thanks. Actually, biting a dog is the most interesting part," Qingyan said, smiling.

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