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   Chapter 266 The Qingsi Parasite (Ⅱ)

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Hearing the empress's words, Emperor Hongjia turned to Qilian Yvran and Qingyan, "the Huanyi Section was set up for the woman who has been punished and relegated in the imperial palace. It's too complicated there. Ranran, you'd better not go there."

Emperor Hongjia obviously showed concern for Qilian Yvran. How could Ranran go to such a dirty place? Or it was beneath her dignity to go to the Huanyi Section.

Taking notice of the expression on Emperor Hongjia's face, Qingyan stepped forward and said with a smile, "mother, how about this? I'll tell you the truth when Shizi and I come back from the Huanyi Section."

That was exactly what Emperor Hongjia wanted. He looked at Qingyan said with a serious smile, then he turned his eyes to Qilian Yvran, "Ranran, what do you think?"

"Thank you, Yanyan." Qilian Yvran said as she held Qingyan's hands. She turned to Xuanyuan Yvzhen and Murong Jingxuan and exhorted them in a low voice, "My son, Jingxuan, please take care of Jingxuan."

They politely nodded to Qilian Yvran and Emperor Hongjia.

When Qingyan turned around and left, she suddenly remembered something. Then she spat out a scorpion. Seeing the scorpion, the empress took a step back.

"Empress, please rest assured. Since I have agreed to your's request, I will do my best to help the Crown Prince." She placed the scorpion on the Crown Prince's arm and the scorpion quickly drilled into his body.

"What are you doing? I won't let you off if you kill my son." The empress immediately Qingyan her a slap.

The heavy slap not only shocked Qingyan, but also Emperor Hongjia and Qilian Yvran. Emperor Hongjia pulled the empress away and asked, "Empress, what are you doing?"

"What am I doing? You should ask Junzhu what she is doing? What was that thing just now? It was a scorpion! How can you stand by and watch Junzhu murder our son? " The empress yelled hysterically at Emperor Hongjia.

She was no

nerable?" Murong Jingxuan asked, displeased.

Hearing this, Qingyan stuck out her tongue. "It's better for me to get hurt than father. I'm fine. Just a minor injury."

Murong Jingxuan flicked Qingyan's forehead and threatened, "if you dare do it again, I won't forgive you."

"Yes, yes, your highness." Qingyan looked at Murong Jingxuan with a smile.

Xuanyuan Yvzhen, who was walking in the front, could imagine what had happened behind him, and he could even imagine how lovely Su Qingyan looked like.

The Huanyi Section was the most remote place in the palace. No one came here very often, and only women who have committed crimes would be sent here. They knew what kind of deal is happening here, not to mention that the managers of this place are all normal men.

When Xuanyuan Yvzhen entered the Huanyi Section, he found that those women were washing clothes with their head down. Even in such a cold winter, those women still wore thin clothes, and the men behind them were very rude to them.

It seemed that they were already used to being treated like this.

"It turns out the palace has such a filthy place. It's time to get rid of it."

A manager stood out and was about to argue when he heard the voice. But when he saw Xuanyuan Yvzhen, he couldn't say a word.

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