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   Chapter 265 The Qingsi Parasite (Ⅰ)

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What Qingyan said seemed to remind the empress of the past. She always thought that it was her who caused the Crown Prince's physical illness, but now it seemed that she was wrong.

At the time the Crown Prince was born, he didn't seem to be so weak. On the contrary, after the babysitter nursed him, his body gradually became weak.

That's why the empress had been blaming herself all the time, because she didn't believe that the babysitter would hurt the Crown Prince, because she trusted her in the past.

But now, it seemed that was not the case.

"Waner, what are you thinking about?" Emperor Hongjia looked at the empress with concern. "I know you are worried about the Crown Prince, but you can't ignore what Junzhu said."

Hearing Emperor Hongjia's words, the empress answered apologetically. "Since the babysitter began to take care of the Crown Prince, he has become weak. But I don't thikn she would hurt my son."

"Yanyan, why did you ask this question?" "Does it have anything to do with the parasite?" Qilian Yvran asked Qingyan with confusion.

For a moment, Qingyan didn't know how to explain the situation to them. She looked at the empress and said seriously, "The Qingsi Parasite is hidden in the body of the Crown Prince for too long, so it can't be removed. Even if the parasite in the body of the Crown Prince dies, he won't live long."

Hearing this, the empress took a step back. "Junzhu, do you know why my son was planted the parasite?"

Qingyan looked at the empress and the others and shook her head. "It's the Qingsi Parasite. It's hard to get it without someone else's help." Then Qingyan turned to Emperor Hongjia. "Father, is there any other concubines in the palace besides mother? Are there any concubines from the Nanchen Kingdom "

"What do you mean, Yanyan?" Asked Emperor Hongjia, confused.

"To tell you the truth, the Qingsi Parasite is from the Nanchen Kingdom. It grows in the junction of the Nanchen Kingdom and the Xiyue Kingdom. It is called the the Snow City. Althought

of noble family, and deserved to be the empress.

Listening to the conversation between the empress and the emperor, Qingyan began to think about where Fengyi came from. According to her first name, she should be one of the most famous families in the Nanchen Kingdom. In addition to the first name of Weisheng, Qilian, Helian and Murong, her first name was inferior to them.

"Ranran, do you know where Fengyi comes from?" Said Emperor Hongjia while looking at Qilian Yvran.

Casting a glance at Emperor Hongjia, Qilian Yvran lowered her head and fell into deep thoughts. The ''Feng'' was the first one of the four biggest family names. So Fengyi must be a daughter of the Feng clan. But she had never known that the Feng clan once sent a daughter here for a marriage.

"Father, may I meet this father now?" Qingyan asked, raising her head.

Qilian Yvran looked at Qingyan with a smile. She didn't expect that Qingyan would directly say this. "Your Majesty, I want to meet her too. Perhaps I can recognize her," said Qilian Yvran.

Looking at the empress, Emperor Hongjia asked, "Empress, do you know where Fengyi lives now?"

The empress saw the expressions of Emperor Hongjia and others, and thought of the gossip that she heard later, she could only say slowly, "Feng Yi was later sent to the Huanyi Section to wash clothes as a slave. ''

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