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   Chapter 262 The Court

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But Qingyan was so tired that night that she didn't notice the fireworks. After Baizhi had cleaned her up, she went to bed directly.

She had a good sleep that night and didn't have any nightmare during that night. It was already noon when she woke up. Even the lazy woman, Mu Zhimin, had already had her breakfast.

After putting on her clothes, Qingyan got out of bed and opened the door. The girls in the yard were kicking the shutters to exercise. Qingdai was the best. She was very light and was able to catch the flying chariot easily. Other girls who saw it cheered up.

At the same time, Yaochi and the others were watching them playing in the distance with a smile on their faces.

When Qingdai heard the sound of opening the door, Qingdai also reacted first. She kicked the shutter directly to Chishao and then walked to Qingyan with a smile.

"Miss, you wake up. I will serve you to wash now." Then, Qingdai moved in the opposite direction and quickly brought a basin of water in.

"But I slept too long today. I even forgot the time." Qingyan put a towel into the basin and stared at her with a faint smile.

"I'm afraid you were too tired yesterday." Looking at Qingyan, Qingdai smiled and said, "Your parents went to the court early this morning, partly because of the party this year."

Hearing this, Qingyan nodded with a smile. She folded the towel, put it on the plate and said, "There is still leftovers in the kitchen of the front hall. I'm hungry now."

"I knew you must be hungry, so I specially prepared the green haze porridge for you, and also left your favorite light dishes." After saying that, Huangcen walked in with a tray in her hand. "The mistress also specifically told me to leave some for you."

Looking at the food on the plate, Qingyan smiled and looked up at them. "Thank you, or I will starve to death."

When they heard what Qingyan said, both of them wore a smile on their faces.

After breakfast, Qingyan exercised with them for a while before she walked towards the study, followed by thre

an Yvzhen stared at the empress with a respectful expression. "Mother, you're kidding. It's our business to help each other. But I did not expect what happened in the court today." He clenched his fists as he spoke.

At the same time, Marquis Jingguo wanted to help Xuanyuan Yvfan to obtain the throne.

"Fourth brother, I'm all right now. Don't worry about me. Mother is here to take care of me. You can go back first." Xuanyuan Yvze stared at him with a bland smile.

Xuanyuan Yvzhen stared at the pale man and respectfully nodded. "Okay, then I'll leave now."

Seeing Xuanyuan Yvzhen leave, the empress held Xuanyuan Yvze's hand and asked with concern, "Son, what happened today in the court? Why does your body become like this?"

"Mother, I'm fine now. As for what happened in the court, that is, they said I'm too weak to be the Crown Prince. What's more, some of them even proposed that the capable should be occupied." Xuanyuan Yvze said with a bitter smile. "I don't want tothe throne either. Mother, you can understand my pain."

The empress grabbed Xuanyuan Yvze's hand painfully as she heard his words. How could she not know what Xuanyuan Yvze was thinking about? Xuanyuan Yvze was the eldest son of the emperor, and the rules of the Donghe Kingdom was that he should ascend the throne.

That was why Xuanyuan Yvzhen had always been helping him.

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