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   Chapter 254 Luo Yiqian (Ⅰ)

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the eunuch took the gold with a smiling face. He knew the lady in front of him was powerful and he had the order from the another distinguished man.

"If Junzhu is willing to, we will certainly agree." "You can take her away after the cleaning." The eunuch looked at Qingyan with a smile on his face.

When Qingyan saw the eunuch, a warm smile spread across her face. It seemed that all these had seen an illusion.

Looking at the human skin in her hand, Qingyan smiled at Yaochi and said, "it seems that such a thing happened in the palace before."

Qingyan's words reminded Yaochi of the past time. At that time, Qingyan thought the

stone punishment was too cruel and she couldn't bear to witness it face to face, but now she didn't feel a thing even if she witnessed the punishment on site.

"Miss, what is this human skin used for?" Looking at the human skin coming to her, Yaochi said respectfully, "Do you want to be an adult skin lantern as before?"

"Make a human skin lantern for Luo Yijue," Qingyan added! I'll let him know how his mother ends up. "

Yaochi nodded seriously at Qingyan and soon disappeared.

Looking at the surrounding view, Qingyan closed her eyes. She didn't want to do all these, but those people wouldn't let her go. Only being more ruthless and vicious could she live in this world.

What's more, all the things are no longer exist.

It was those people who challenged her bottom line again and again.

Yanmeie had a big surprise on his face when he saw Qingyan watching the view on the street alone. It was rare for him to see such Qingyan do that, but the next second, he appeared in front of her.

"Miss, I have something to tell you." Yanmei said respectfully.

Qingyan smiled seductively at Yanmei and asked, "what's up?"

"Luo Yijue is going to give Luo Yiqian to the Third Prince," "They wanted to get rid of Shaoyao and ma

oice, "it's not difficult to deal with others through your tactics, isn't it?"

It had to be said that what Luo Yijue proposed was really very tempting, especially in the aspect of methods.

Since Yiqian was a little girl, she had learnt a lot from Jiang Xinyue. Although she couldn't learn all the methods from Jiang Xinyue, it was a piece of cake for her to deal with a simple girl.

"Okay, I promise you." Luo Yiqian looked at Luo Yijue and said seriously, "anyway, being a prince's concubine means that you can have everything."

Looking at Luo Yiqian, Luo Yijue smiled and said, "Okay, then I'll arrange your meeting with the Third Prince next. It's better for you to actively hook up with him. After all, he likes all kinds of women."

Luo Yiqian looked at Luo Yijue, nodded her head and replied, "Okay, I know what to do."

Seeing the change in Luo Yiqian's eyes, Luo Yijue nodded with satisfaction. Luo Yiqian was really a good chess piece. If the Third Prince could be their man, it would be the best.

After all, it was the Ninth King who supported the third prince. Although the Ninth King was idle, he still had great prestige in the court.

At the thought of this, he delightfully stepped forward, ready to tell Xuanyuan Yvfan about it.

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