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   Chapter 253 Collusion (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6223

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Hearing that, Luo Yijue shook her head resignedly, "do you want to marry the daughter of an actor as your wife?"

Hearing what Luo Yijue said, Su Qingming shook his head reluctantly, "To become the legal wife is impossible now, but it's still possible to be a wife of the grand councilor, such as a concubine of the Third Prince or a concubine of the Fifth Prince. They both liked beautiful girls. It would be better if she can get their love."

Hearing that, Luo Yijue's eyes widened. "Although Luo Yiqian is not my sister, we still have feelings for each other. I can't bear to see her in danger," Luo Yijue continued.

Although Luo Yiqian was not his biological sister, they had lived together for so many years. It was not true if they had no feelings for each other. And he could not bear to see where his sister be given other as a present.

"But Qingteng gave his sister to the Third Prince for his future. Yiyue, why not you give Luo Yiqian to the Third Prince? She is just a woman. You can get any kind of woman you want. "

Hearing Su Qingming's words, Xuanyuan Yvfan also nodded earnestly. "Qingming's right. It's good that we can buy off the Third Prince and the Fifth Prince. I know their characters very well. If they really want to do that, I think maybe they can really be used by us."

Hearing what Xuanyuan Yvfan and Su Qingming said, Luo Yijue hesitated.

"If that's the case, then I'll be more difficult to deal with Su Qingyan, won't I?" Looking at Luo Yijue, Su Qingming still said with a smile, "after all, we want to deal with Su Qingyan. What do you think?"

Now the most important thing to him was to get rid of Melissa. As long as she was alive, he couldn't feel at ease.

"Okay, I agree with your request. Since then, I will give Luo Yiqian to the Third Prince."

Hearing what Luo Yijue said, Xuanyuan Yvfan and Su

e punishment. Do you know what the punishment is?"

Jiang Xinyue looked at Qingyan with fear.

A man noticed her reaction and whispered to Qingyan, "Junzhu, it's time for me to carry out my punishment. I really hope that you could stand aside to avoid staining your clothes."

When Qingyan was listening to his words, she stood aside. Then she saw that those eunuchs dragged Jiang Xinyue out and tied her to a pillar. A eunuch held a stick and slowly hammered her stomach, but Jiang Xinyue couldn't utter a word because her mouth was gagged.

Stone punishment was a later punishment that Qilian Yvran remembered. It was an infamous punishment for the women in the Nanchen Kingdom, but they had to endure such a punishment for sexual assault and pregnant women.

This punishment was to tie a woman to a millstone, while a yellow bull pulled a stone to twirl, watching the woman who had committed a punishment become a face. This was the so-called stone punishment.

This piece of paper was usually hung in the punishment room as a human skin lantern to warn those women who wanted to hook up with other men.

"My Lord, I wonder if I can keep Jiang Xinyue's face skin." She walked up to the eunuch, and took out a piece of gold.

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