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   Chapter 251 The Punishment Of Shutdown

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6274

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"I think sister's idea is feasible. Then I'll punish her in accordance with her discipline," answered Qilian Yvran.

The empress smiled when she heard the words of Qilian Yvran. She knew that Qilian Yvran wouldn't refuse her request at all. Although they were not in good relationship, she would always save her respect for the sake of Xuanyuan Yvzhen.

Moreover, if Xuanyuan Yvzhen had the throne, then even if Xuanyuan Yvze was the Crown Prince, he wouldn't be able to be get the throne.

Of course she knew her Emperor Hongjia very well.

"Your Majesty, I'm a little tired today. Please spend more time with my sister." "I have something to discuss with my son," said Qilian Yvran smilingly.

Hearing what Qilian Yvran said, Emperor Hongjia nevertheless, he knew he needed to say something to comfort the empress, in order to make sure the safety of the harem.

Hearing Qilian Yvran's words, Emperor Hongjia patted her shoulder. "Since you are tired today, I will visit you another day." He turned to look at the empress and said with a smile, "may I stay in the Kunning Palace tonight?"

Hearing that, the empress smiled and nodded. "Your Majesty, of course, you are welcome to the Kunning Palace anytime."

While saying, Emperor Hongjia left with the empress. Seeing their backs, Qilian Yvran yawned and said, "Son, is it a good idea?"

"Mother, actually, it was Yanyan who arranged all this."

Hearing Xuanyuan Yvzhen's words, Qilian Yvran looked at him with confusion. "Fourth Prince, what do you mean?"

"Mother, maybe you don't know the truth. It was Luo Yijue who wanted to take revenge on the young general of the Su clan. Later, Qingyan unmasked the past of them. Luo Zhanming has been removed from the family list. As for Luo Yijue, he was kept as he is the eldest grandson of the emperor." Xuanyuan Yvzhen answered earnestly as he stared

can be so decisive and murderous? Sometimes I really feel that we can't compare to her. Jingxuan once said that only those who have experienced life and death can have such a kind of the Bian flower."

Qilian Yvran looked at him. He thought of the things that had happened to Qilian Qingyan and the things that Su Qingyan had experienced.

The biggest difference between Qilian Qingyan and Su Qingyan was that Qilian Qingyan used to be the most beautiful woman in the Nanchen Kingdom, while Su Qingyan

was the grassroot beauty in the Capital City. When Qilian Qingyan became Su Qingyan, everything naturally changed.

In the past, Qilian Qingyan had run the harem for more than ten years. In her eyes, all the methods were not worth mentioning. Now it was because of that Su Qingyan became like this.

"Son, only those who have experienced both life and death can understand what is real despair. We don't know what happened to Yanyan, but we can't blame her for what she has gone through because she has experienced something more painful than we thought."

After hearing what Qilian Yvran had said, Xuanyuan Yvzhen nodded earnestly. He naturally understood the meaning of Qilian Yvran's words, so he wanted to protect that kind of woman.

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