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   Chapter 250 Sisterhood

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Xuanyuan Yvzhen stared at Qilian Yvran with a smile and said, "I really don't know it. But mother may know it well."

The mother that Xuanyuan Yvzhen mentioned was the empress. The empress often dealt with such things. Some unwilling ladies and distinguished people would secretly collude with the guards. At last, when the truth was revealed, they would receive the punishments they deserved.

It was the empress who was responsible for all the punishments. The empress was good at dealing with such punishments. Furthermore, in spite of his anger for such matters, Emperor Hongjia never interfered with her way of handling them.

After all, if the truth came out, it would definitely embarrass Emperor Hongjia. Therefore, it was the best choice to keep it a secret.

But all the guards who committed crime would be executed, which would make it impossible for them to be potent any more. As for those women, they would receive punishment according to their ranks. It could be imagined that the higher the rank, the more severe the punishments they would receive.

"Hongjia, how about we call the empress here and discuss how to deal with this matter?" LookQilian Yvran said with a smile, "After all, the empress is really handy at such things."

Seeing that, Emperor Hongjia nodded with a smile. "In that case, I will call the empress here and discuss how to deal with it."

The empress was shocked when Emperor Hongjia called her. Only she knew clearly that she could sit at the rear seat not because of the Crown Prince, but because no one else was more suitable for the position than her.

They were the well-known leaders of the Donghe Kingdom. In fact, they didn't love each other, or perhaps they didn't care about her at all. She was only a empress, a real empress, but who could never win Emperor Hongjia's heart.

"Your Majesty, the emperor is now in the Guanjv Palace. Are you sure you want to go there?" A maid asked the empress worriedly.

The empress looked at Hongying and smiled with embarrassment. "Why not? After

t that she was a scheming woman. She did not expect that as a woman, she would make such a mistake, and even hurt her husband.

"Waner, how do you think we should deal with this matter?" Staring at the empress, Emperor Hongjia was still wearing a serious face, he felt that as long as the empress opened her mouth, the consequences of Jiang Xinyue would be settled.

"Your Majesty, according to the arrangements in the palace, the females should be divided into a closed punishment." The empress looked at Emperor Hongjia and said slowly, "after all, the punishment of the water cage is far from enough."

"Sister, how is this punishment performed?"

Looking at Qilian Yvran, the empress pondered for a long time before she slowly stated, "One uses a stick of wood to hit the woman's chest abdomen, making her unable to defecate or have sex.'' This is the so-called "closed door"

Hearing the empress's words, Qilian Yvran smiled and said to Emperor Hongjia, "Your Majesty, what do you think of this idea? If you are not satisfied with this method, maybe Yanyan can have a better idea.''

Emperor Hongjia then glanced at Qilian Yvran and said, "if it's workable, then we'll do it; if not, we can find another punishment."

Emperor Hongjia made the decision after thinking for a while. Anyway, Qilian Yvran respected the empress and thought it was workable.

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