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   Chapter 247 The Trick (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6293

Updated: 2020-01-27 00:24

Hearing this, Xuanyuan Yvzhen said with interest, "Bring him in. I'm curious about what he wants to tell him."

The waiter brought the man upstairs. When she saw that man, Jiang Xinyue was so shocked that her eyes widened. She unwittingly took a step back, but was stumbled by Luo Zhanming, who was lying on the ground.

The man in front of her was no one else, but the actor that had been killed by Jiang Xinyue fifteen years ago -- Lu Zhiyuan.

Jiang Xinyue looked at his pale face, not knowing what to do.

If Lu Zhiyuan had disclosed everything to the public, how could she survive in the Capital City, and how could her son and daughter live there.

But at this time, she saw the figure of Luo Yijue in the crowd. When he looked at Luo Yijue, he only felt that Luo Yijue's eyes were cold, as if she had known what had happened at that time.

When Luo Yijue learned the truth, she had planned to send someone to kill Lu Zhiyuan, so that he could bury the secret forever, but she didn't expect that someone had taken a step faster. Not only did he protect his wife, but also the actor.

He had no intelligence to think because the person who protected the actor was exactly Su Qingyv.

And it was also Su Qingyv who told others the truth. At first, Luo Yijue didn't understand Su Qingyv's intention, but now she realized that everything seemed to have been arranged by him.

'is Su Qingyan that hard to deal with?' But he didn't find Su Qingyan in the crowd.

"Is there anything that needs me to make a decision for you?" Xuanyuan Yvzhen stared at Lu Zhiyuan and said indifferently, "if it's really a big deal, I will make a decision for you."

Sitting on one knee, Lu Zhiyuan stared at Jiang Xinyue and said coldly, "Your Highness, do you still remember the show you visited?"

As soon as he heard this, Luo Guancheng seemed to have understood the mea


He didn't believe what Lu Zhiyuan had said before. After all, it would be bad for anybody to say such a thing. But unexpectedly, Lu Zhiyuan had told him that there was a red birthmark in Jiang Xinyue's private heart.

"My Lord, I'm sorry!" With that, Jiang Xinyue tried to get rid of Luo Zhanming's hand but in vain.

Xuanyuan Yvzhen glanced at the crowd, and he saw that Luo Zhanming was so crazy. He looked at the crowd and said in a low voice, "since Miss Luo's adult ceremony can't be held, please go back."

After they heard Xuanyuan Yvzhen's words, they glanced at the mad Luo Zhanming and the discomfited Jiang Xinyue, and then turned around and left. However, they had already expected the result of this matter.

"You bitch! Bitch! I'll kill you today! " As soon as Jiang Xinyue was pushed down to the ground by Luo Zhanming, he gave her a hard kick on her leg.

"Your Highness, I didn't do it." Jiang Xinyue shouted hysterically at Xuanyuan Yvzhen.

"Didn't second uncle ask this woman what she had done before?"

Hearing the voice, people looked up. They saw Qingyan standing not far away, and beside her stood Liu Yueqiong and Luo Yixin. Then they heard her voice, "now I'm going to tell you what my aunt has done."

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