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   Chapter 246 Consecutive Scheme (Ⅲ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6334

Updated: 2020-01-27 00:13

When she heard the voice, Jiang Xinyue turned to look at Su Qingyan. Qingyan rolled her eyes at Jiang Xinyue's complacent expression.

Let's wait and see. By the time you find out the man was Su Qingyv, you can't even find a place to cry.

But Jiang Xinyue didn't know that things were not what she had imagined.

Qingyan turned her head away, with a faint smile on her lips.

When Luo Guancheng heard her scream, an inexplicable uneasy emotion rose in his heart. Looking at the calm people beside, he could only pretend to be calm. After all, everything was still unknown.

When they walked to the side yard, they saw a girl on the ground, paralyzed, with bloodstains all over her body, as if she had just experienced a hellish nightmare.

Just then, a man with hair disheveled and a dagger in hand rushed over and shouted, "kill! Kill you!"

The man rushed into the crowd without any purpose as if he had lost his mind. When the dagger was about to reach Qingyan, Xuanyuan Yvzhen pulled out a soft sword from the waist and directly finished the man's life.

Standing next to Xuanyuan Yvzhen, Qingyan breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at Xuanyuan Yvzhen as if he was frightened. "Were is not for fourth brother, I'm afraid the one lying there is Qingyan."

Xuanyuan Yvzhen glanced at the people around him and coldly said, "Junzhu was frightened at the Luo mansion. I think the old general should give me an explanation."

At first, Qingyan was the granddaughter of Luo Guancheng. But now it seemed that Xuanyuan Yvzhen was treating her as a member of the royal family.

Qingyan looked at Luo Guancheng and shook her head, "I don't think it's my fault. He didn't mean to hurt me. He just went mad."

Luo Guancheng looked at the person who was lying on the ground, lifeless, and said, "You, raise that man's face and let me see who he is."

The servant raised th

ed him again and demanded, "Mr. Luo, what are you waiting for? Why did you try to murder Junzhu and the Fourth Prince?"

Although Luo Zhanming was able to get up, he looked at the person in front of him and said, "Your Highness, I have never thought of murdering your highness and Junzhu!"

"I have told you the truth, but you still don't admit it." "Your Highness, I'm a good man, but this doesn't mean I'm a good man," Murong Jingxuan continued, stepping on his hands again.

"Why did you frame your husband, bitch?" As soon as Jiang Xinyue finished her words, Chen Yuanxiang gave Chen Yuanxiang a slap in the face. However, as if she could not feel great pain, she just kept smiling innocently.

"Fourth Prince, Shizi, I think Madam Chen must have lost her mind because of the death of her child. Chonglou looked at Chen Yuanxiang and said casually.

"Oh, don't think that she can get rid of all crimes. Junzhu is kind, but I'm not." Xuanyuan Yvzhen stared at Jiang Xinyue and said coldly, "Mr. Luo, have you thought about how to explain the truth to the Dali Temple?"

Just as Luo Guancheng was about to speak, a servant's voice came, "Your Highness, a servant shouted loudly at the gate of the Luo Mansion, asking you to make a decision for him."

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