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   Chapter 242 The Good Play (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6153

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They went to the Luo Mansion together after breakfast. When they arrived at the gate, they happened to see Xuanyuan Yvzhen's carriage. This was the first time for Qingyan to see Xuanyuan Yvzhen in a carriage, but she didn't expect him to get off together with Xuanyuan Yvning, Xuanyuan Yvkai and Murong Jingxuan.

Luo Guancheng stood at the door and greeted them. He even bowed to them. Luo Guancheng didn't need to kneel because he was old.

''Foueth Prince, Sixth Prince, Seventh Princess and Shizi, greetings! " Suyun also bowed to them after they got off the carriage.

"Nice to meet you, fourth brother, Sixth brother, and seventh sister," Qingyan also greeted them politely.

"Yanyan, I asked my fourth brother to bring me here today." Xuanyuan Yvning held the arm of Qingyan as she spoke.

Xuanyuan Yvning twitched his mouth and said enviously, "I'm so jealous that Miner can sleep with Qingyan."

"If you are willing to, you can stay in the Jiangjunfu after Yiqian's adult ceremony." Qingyan looked at Xuanyuan Yvning and said with a smile, "I welcome you very much."

Seeing their interactions, Luo Guancheng led them all into the Luo Mansion.

When they entered the the Luo Mansion, they saw that many officials had already been there. Their children were all around Luo Yiqian. Today's Luo Yiqian was wearing a red big coat, which could be easily seen that she was dressed up.

And the girls around her were his friends in the the Bogu Hall.

"Yanyan, I'll let Fengqing protect Su Qingyv in secret." Murong Jingxuan walked over to Qingyan and whispered in her ear.

Seeing Murong Jingxuan, Qingyan nodded with a smile, then she walked towards Luo Yiqian with Xuanyuan Yvning and Mu Zhimin.

"Sister, this is my gift to you. I hope you don't mind." Qingyan then put the box in Luo Yiqian's hand.


ijue greeting guests. Seeing Luo Yiqian, Luo Yijue walked towards her with a smile and asked, "what's wrong? I'm not hanging out with your friends. "

"Brother, you are so experienced. Do you know these things are true?" Luo Yiqian then opened the box.

Luo Yijue looked at the box and couldn't help opening her eyes wide, "Yiqian, who gave it to you? It's genuine and genuine. It's not fake."

"Really? Brother? " Hearing Luo Yijue's words, Luo Yiqian looked at him happily, "I knew it would be true!"

Seeing the relaxed look on Luo Yiqian's face, Luo Yijue shook his head and assured her, "don't worry. It's true. How could it be fake?"

Luo Yiqian looked at Luo Yijue, smiling and nodding.

Looking at the expression on Luo Yiqian's face, Luo Yijue touched her head and said, "this gift is from your friend. You should thank her, okay?"

Looking at the box in his hand, Luo Yiqian felt too embarrassed to speak it out. Then she summoned up her courage and said, "these are given to me by Su Qingyan and Junzhu Lexia."

Hearing her words, Luo Yijue raised her lip and said, "Oh! This is a gift they sent to you. It seems that they know that you will become superior in the future, so they come to please you. "

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