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   Chapter 241 Beginning Of The Show (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6732

Updated: 2020-01-26 00:04

Hearing what Xuanyuan Yvfan said, Su Qingming nodded earnestly as he looked at him, "Your Highness, if you really believe in Luo Yijue's ability, then what do you think if I lose in this round and I won't work for you anymore?"

Hearing that, Xuanyuan Yvfan widened his eyes. The reason why Marquis Jingguo supported him was that now he was the most likely to seize power. But if they really lost Marquis Jingguo and got the support of the Luo Mansion, it could be said that they were not at the same level. Moreover, it was impossible for Luo Guancheng to support him at all.

"If your highness wins, Luo Yijue will work for you,"

XSu Qingming's voice came to his ears again before Xuanyuan Yvfan could react. Xuanyuan Yvfan nodded earnestly and said, "okay. If you really lose, you will not be mine."

Su Qingming lifted his tea cup and smiled at Xuanyuan Yvfan.

'Luo Yijue, I know you will lose, but you'd better not lose too hard, or the game will be a meaningless one, ' he pondered?

The next morning.

It was not long after Qingyan got up, and then Mu Zhimin stood up too. Mu Zhimin put on Qingyan's coat, and Qingyan smiled.

"You are so beautiful wearing this pink coat."

Looking at the coat on her, Mu Zhimin smiled and said, "Yanyan, don't make fun of me, or I will be really angry."

Looking at Mu Zhimin, Qingyan took her hand and said smilingly, "let's go to the Luo Mansion today. There is a good show waiting for us to start."

Mu Zhimin looked at Qingyan seriously and nodded her head. Then the two people shoulder to shoulder went to the front hall. On the way to the front hall, they also met Jiayun, Su Qingxue and Su Qingcong.

At the sight of Mu Zhimin, Jiayun greeted first, "Miner, Yanyan."

"Aunt." Both of them answered in one voice.

"Dear sister, are we going to the Luo Mansion today?" Looking at Qingyan, Su Qingxue continued with a smile, "I heard that my mother would go to Luo Yiqian's adult ceremony."

"Yes, you're right. She is indeed going to

thinking about?" "Well, my birthday is coming. You wanted to give me a present, didn't you?" Su Qingyv looked at Qingyan and asked concerningly.

"You are right This year's new year's Eve is Qingyv's birthday. In the past, we were not at home. How are we going to celebrate this year? " Luobing asked with concern.

Hearing what Luobing said, Su Qingyv scratched his head helplessly, "just the same as in the past. My mother just cook a bowl of long-life noodles for me."

Looking at Su Qingyv, Luobing said helplessly, "no, it's not easy to be in the Capital City this year. How about we pick up relatives to the Jiangjunfu and bring them to the party?"

Hearing Luobing's words, Suyun didn't have the heart to interrupt her. However, when Qingyan saw the expression on Luobing's face, she had to say helplessly, "mother, do you forget that father prepared a banquet to entertain ministers at New Year's Eve today?"

Hearing what Qingyan said, Luobing shook her head and said, "how could I forget it? Yeah, you are right. I will not have the mood to celebrate my son's birthday by then."

With a smile on her lips, Qingyan turned to Mu Zhimin continued, "perhaps something good will happen at the new year's Eve this year..."

When Suyun and Luobing heard this, they all looked at Mu Zhimin, who could only lower her head shyly.

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