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   Chapter 240 Beginning Of The Show (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6408

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Luo Yijue had never thought of pushing Luo Guancheng's death to the Jiangjunfu. After all, anything could happen after Su Qingyv's death, such as Luo Guancheng and Madam Luoyun got bad ill.

At the same time, Luo Zhanxiang and Liu Yueqiong would also try other means to destroy the relationship between the two of them. If the the Luo Mansion lost Luo Zhanxiang, the Jiangjunfu Lost Suyun, then the whole Capital City would be acquired by the Second Prince.

The Crown Prince was a sick man and would not live long. If he continued to stir up trouble for him. he would died pathetically, and the relationship between the empress and the imperial concubine was destroyed, the Second Prince would take the throne steadily.

As long as he could take over that position, the Luo family would be a well-known and wealthy family. At that time, he would have a lot of wind and rain. He was looking forward to that day's glory.

"Are you listening, son?" With a helpless look at Luo Yijue, Jiang Xinyue continued, "how about we take this opportunity to get rid of Luo Guancheng?"

Luo Yijue shook her head and answered, "don't worry about grandfather and grandmother. After all, they are generals. Emperor will be sad if the Donghe Kingdom loses two generals in a row."

"But if we don't take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of them, there will be no chance in the future." With a cruel expression on her face, Jiang Xinyue seemed to think that Luo Guancheng was not her father-in-law, but an enemy of her.

"Mother, if Qingsu agrees, I will discuss with Second Prince about how to deal with grandfather. In that case, the Second Prince will be a great contribution to his enthronement." Luo Yijue then patted on Jiang Xinyue's shoulder.

Looking at the confident look on Luo Yijue's face, Jiang Xinyue nodded her head. She was at ease with her son, especially in dealing with this matter.

At th

fight, I have realized her power." Su Qingming looked at Xuanyuan Yvfan and asked indifferently, "what's more, do you really think that Su Qingyan didn't prepare it?"

Xuanyuan Yvfan raised his head and looked at Su Qingming. His words reminded Xuanyuan Yvfan of the case last time. They thought they were well prepared, but they still lost at the end.

Whether it was a special arrangement by Marquis Jingguo or not, they lost.

"Qingming, do you really think Su Qingyan will have a way out to deal with Luo Yijue?" Xuanyuan Yvfan put one of his hands on the table and looked at Su Qingming earnestly.

Su Qingming curled his lips and said, "Your Highness, although you can't attend it, I can. As for the result, you can only wait until then."

Xuanyuan Yvfan stared at Su Qingming and nodded. Now he was still grounded. If Su Qingming hadn't come to him, he wouldn't have known the news.

Although he attached great importance to Luo Yijue's ability, it was also because of this reason that he could make Luo Yijue follow him wholeheartedly and work for him.

But if he succeeded, then what was the use of Su Qingming staying with him?

Xuanyuan Yvfan looked at Su Qingming and played with his chin. "Qingming, how about we have a bet?" Xuanyuan Yvfan asked.

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