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   Chapter 238 Ruthless Actor (Ⅲ)

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Hearing their words, Lu Zhiyuan seemed to see the gentle face of Jiang Xinyue. He gave the tea leaves to her because he trusted her too much. But who knew that the tea was poisonous and the people who drank it were all dead.

Now he was the only one alive in this world.

When he opened his eyes again, with a determined look in them, he said, "Okay, I promise you. I'll restore what happened in the past. As long as you don't hurt my child. "

Hearing this, Lu Zhiyuan nodded with satisfaction. "That's for sure. As long as you succeed in this play, we'll let your son go."

Hearing Xuanyuan Yvzhen's words, Qingyan nodded. "Not bad. So don't worry."

Looking at the two children, Lu Zhiyuan was thinking about something. Finally, when he looked up at them, he said slowly, "I know you want to deal with Jiang Xinyue, I can tell you everything I know."

This was Qingyan's favorite kind of person. She looked at Lu Zhiyuan with a smile on her face, and said, "tell us everything you know."

Lu Zhiyuan looked at them and nodded seriously. Then he began to tell them everything happened back then.

After giving birth to Luo Yijue, Jiang Xinyue found that Jiang Xinyue couldn't satisfy her need at all. But in order not to let other women give birth to a child for Luo Zhanming, she drugged him with the the Juezi Soup. Luo Zhanming liked Jiang Xinyue very much, so he had no doubt about the soup that Jiang Xinyue gave him.

As time went by, Luo Zhanming gradually became impotent, but he didn't find out that he was impotent, which was also the reason why he married Chen Yuanxiang later.

After Chen Yuanxiang had gotten married to Luo Zhanming, Jiang Xinyue didn't tell Luo Zhanming that the son of Chen Yuanxiang was not Luo Zhanming's. Instead, she bribed Chen Yuanxiang mother to make her unaware of the truth. That was why they could get along well with each other.


er head. "I'm not interested in it. I just want to know whether Luo Zhanming knew he would come to such a bad end when he tried to murder grandfather and uncle."

"You mean that Luo Zhanming had tried to murder elder general?" Xuanyuan Yvzhen asked incredulously.

Qingyan nodded her head and said, "Aunt can not be pregnant these years just because she always uses the incense given by Jiang Xinyue. Uncle often drinks the tea from the Jiang clan's tea house. As for the tea from my grandfather, it has already been changed."

"Luo Zhanming is really heartless. But after all, he believes the woman who sleeps beside his pillow. If he knows this woman is a liar, what will he think about it?"

Upon hearing this, Qingyan laughed and responded, "that's it? He will probably lose his courage to cry. "

"Will this elder general kill Luo Zhanming in a fit of anger?" Xuanyuan Yvzhen stared at them, and coldly asked.

"He is the biological son of the grandfather after all. But it will be different if he doesn't have grandfather's support. After all, what Luo Zhanming owns now is all because of him."

Watching the looks on their faces, Murong Jingxuan said with a smile, "Tomorrow I bring Chonglou with me and sentence him to death. What do you think?"

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