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   Chapter 235 Plotting Against Qingyv (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6268

Updated: 2020-01-24 00:34

The next morning, when Qingyan woke up, she found Mu Zhimin was still in sound sleep. Qingyan had a sound sleep rule and fell asleep gradually last night during the chat with Mu Zhimin, so she got up earlier than usual this morning.

She carefully put on her clothes, opened the door and went out. When she walked out, she saw that Yaochi and the other two were doing morning exercises.

When Anying saw Qingyan, he thought of the news yesterday. He walked up to her and said, "Miss, I just received an astonishing news."

Hearing his words, both Yaochi and tYanmei came over and asked, "brother, what information have you found?"

Hearing this, Qingyan put her finger to her lips. She pointed to the bedroom with her finger, indicating that Mu Zhimin was still sleeping, and said, "let's talk in the Study Room."

At this moment, Zizhu came over. She looked at Qingyan and said in a low voice, "Miss, how come you got up so early today?"

"I'm going to the Study Room Yaochi and some others. You just help Miner to freshen up when she wakes up," Qingyan ordered quietly.

While listening to her, Zizhu nodded seriously and watched her walking towards the Study Room with the rest.

The man, Yanmei, who was the last one to walk into the Study Room closed the door. Qingyan started making tea for them. Looking at her actions, Yaochi wanted to do it on her own, but Qingyan refused.

After making the tea, Qingyan sat down, looked at Anying and said, "Anying, tell us the information you found."

Looking at the expression on Qingyan's face, Anying thought of the thing he found out yesterday, and then told them all about it.

Qingyan didn't expect to know such a hidden news. When she knew that Luo Yijue was a born eunuch, she was wondering who also had the same dysfunction in the Luo Mansion. But she really didn't expect that Luo Yijue's second

ochi's words, Qingyan nodded seriously, "yes, it makes sense. Now it's just between these two cases. And according to the appearance of Luo Yiqian, it can be guessed what this actor looks like."

Hearing her words, Yaochi and Yanmei nodded their heads earnestly and said, "then let's get this done now, and try to finish it before tomorrow."

Hearing their words, Qingyan nodded her head seriously and said, "I'll leave this matter to Yanmei and Anying. Yaochi, you have to tell this news to Murong Jingxuan. After all, it's needed to push forward the situation. It would be great if any prince can attend granddaughter's adult ceremony."

"But if that's the case, what should we do if it has impact on the elder general?" asked Yaochi, with confusion written all over his face.

"Although the health of my grandfather is very important, now the most important thing is to think about how to separate them, so that grandfather can live more safely." "I made it clear to my elder uncle last time, the tea I made for grandfather also contains poppy. But I had already replaced it, so uncle is not that lucky." said Qingyan seriously.

When Yaochi knew what was on her mind, Qingyan disappeared in front of her and told Murong Jingxuan the news.

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