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   Chapter 234 Plotting Against Qingyv (Ⅰ)

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Mu Zhimin looked at Baizhi. She turned around to look at Qingyan, "Qingyan, I'm so jealous that she shares the same character with you."

Qingyan looked at resignedly and said resignedly, "I'm so distressed to have such a straightforward girl."

Looking at Qingyan's face, Mu Zhimin couldn't help but laugh, "I knew it." She grabbed Qingyan's hand and led her to her bedroom. "Qingyan, can I sleep with you these days?"

Hearing what Mu Zhimin said, Qingyan asked Zizhu to get two more sheets. She used to wear two sheets. Now she had Mu Zhimin by sleep with her together. Moreover, she had always one quilt.

"Miss, I remember there is only a red quilt left in the next room, how about using it?" Looking at Qingyan and Mu Zhimin sitting at the table, Zizhu said resignedly, "I haven't exposed any new quilts to the sun."

Upon hearing this, Qingyan nodded with a smile. "Then take the red quilt. I remember that I have exposed it to the sun for a long time."

"Okay." While hearing that, Zizhu left.

After a short while, Qingdai and Chishao appeared in the room with two red quilts in their arms. They carefully make up the bed for Qingyan.

"Miss, I have made the bed. You can rest with Junzhu now." Qingdai and Chishao beamed at Qingyan and closed the door for her.

"Miner, what are you thinking about? Are you thinking about your marriage with my brother? " Looking at the absent-minded Mu Zhimin, Mu Zhimin asked with a smile.

Hearing Qingyan's words, Mu Zhimin looked at her and said helplessly, "Qingyan, don't talk nonsense. I'm just worried that the young general will dislike me because I'm an orphan."

Seeing the expression on Mu Zhimin's face, Qingyan patted her head and said, "Miner, what are you thinking about?"

Mu Zhimin looked at Qingyan with an innocent look and said, "I have been raised by the imperial concubine, and I have a good relationship with Jingxuan

d at Jiang Xinyue and whispered something in her ear. Hearing what Luo Yijue said, Jiang Xinyue smiled and looked up at him, "my dear son, do you really think that's a good idea?"

Luo Yijue looked at Jiang Xinyue and nodded earnestly. "In this case, what Su Qingyv has to bear is the crime of murder. According to the laws of the eDonghe Kingdom, he will be killed even if he kills a servant. If there is no eldest son in the Jiangjunfu, Iwonder what Suyun will handle it."

Seeing Luo Yijue and nodded her head, Jiang Xinyue agreed with his idea. "Okay, I will inform your uncle right now."

Luo Yijue looked at Jiang Xinyue, nodded his head seriously and said, "thank you, mother."

With a helpless look on her face, Jiang Xinyue continued, "if we can take revenge on the Jiangjunfu, of course we'll do it. If the Jiangjunfu has no heir anymore after Su Qingyv died, I don't believe that Suyun will still keep the company of Luobing and refuse to marry another concubine."

In fact, Luo Yijue and Jiang Xinyue had the same thought. If Su Qingyv died, they would be able to drive a wedge between Suyun and Luobing. If their relationship was broken up, the so-called Jiangjunfu would be in name only.

At that time, the Luo Mansion would be the real beneficiary.

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