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   Chapter 230 The New Scheme (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6401

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"Mother, I think it's a good thing!" "Besides, mother has been so magnanimous to forgive Fengqin. I'm sure that Fengqin will appreciate it." Qingyan said with a smile.

Patting on Qingyan's nose dotingly, Qilian Yvran said, "tell me, did you come up with some evil idea again?"

Qingyan rubbed her nose and said in a cutesy voice, "mother, I did it for the good of the Ninth Princess."

"Okay." As Qilian Yvran spoke, Qingyan dragged her to the bedside, sat down, and said, "tell me, what are you up to?"

So QingyanQingyan told Qilian Yvran what she thought. But when Qilian Yvran heard that the Luo Mansion wanted to deal with Qingyan, she had a gloomy face. After Qingyan told him the whole process, Qilian Yvran asked in a low voice, "I heard from the

Fourth Prince that Luo Yijue listens to the Second Prince, and he is a born eunuch."

What Qilian Yvran said shocked Qingyan. Qingyan didn't come to herself until she heard it again. "Mother, do you mean that mother is a born eunuch?"

"The Fourth Prince told me about it accidentally. I think it is true." "After all, he won't lie to me." Qilian Yvran looked at Qingyan and nodded.

Seeing Qilian Yvran, Qingyan thought that she could use the news. Moreover, Xuanyuan Yvfan knew the secret of him, so Luo Yijue was willing to work for Xuanyuan Yvfan.

"Qingyan, why did you say that Luo Yijue would use Luo Yitong to deal with you?" "If that's the case, it's impossible to guard against it," said Qilian Yvran, looking at Qingyan in confusion.

Holding Qilian Yvran's hand, Qingyan said smilingly, "mother, Luo Yijue is overconfident. He tries to take me down in such a simple way."

"But you won't be fooled!" Still with a serious look on her face, Qilian Yvransaid, "didn't Su Qingming use such a trick last time? It would be stupid to use it again. "

Thinking of the contempt in Luo Yijue's eyes, Qingyan continued, "perhaps he th

Thank you, your majesty," Qilian Yvran said to the emperor with a smile

Seeing the expression on Qilian Yvran's face, Emperor Hongjia held her in his arms and said, "Ranran, I still like it when you call my name."

Hearing the words of Emperor Hongjia, Qilian Yvran looked at him and said with a smile, "Hongjia, do you know that I feel that Qingyan has come back since she stayed with me for so long?"

Because of Qilian Yvran, Emperor Hongjia had a crush on Qingyan. So he treated her as his own daughter. "If you like Qingyan, just let her stay with you for a few more days."

"I have discussed with Qingyan. We will go back after the new year's Eve. What do you think?" Qilian Yvran looked at Emperor Hongjia and said.

Looking at the smile on Qilian Yvran's face, Emperor Hongjia nodded earnestly. "Okay, I like Qingyan too. It's hard for a rough person like Suyun to have such a considerate daughter."

"Exactly! I've heard that Suyun did have a good daughter, and his eldest son is also very excellent."

Hearing what Qilian Yvran said, Emperor Hongjia nodded earnestly. "That's right. General Su is indeed a fine looking man, and Miner is a relative of the royal family. Ranran, what do you think if we arrange the marriage of Miner to the young general?"

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