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   Chapter 227 Madam Liu Is Poisoned (Ⅱ)

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Updated: 2020-01-22 23:49

Qingyan didn't tell anyone that Qingyan had come to the Luo Mansion. They went to the hospital with another maid the next day. Although she didn't quite believe what Qingyan said, she knew that Qingyan wasn't good at medical care.

After breakfast, she brought the incense and the tea that Luo Zhanxiang usually drank to the hospital.

In the carriage, the face of Madam Liu was full of worries. The woman next to him asked, "madam, what happened to you this morning? Why do you look so worried? What happened? "

Hearing this, Madam Liu shook their head and said, "Caiwei, both you and Caiyan are my intimate maids."

Hearing the confusing words of Madam Liu, Caiwei said with a smile, "yes, my lady. Caiyan and I have always been your personal maids. The only difference between us is probably that Caiyan was bought, and I am your biological daughter of my family, and my mother has always worked for the Liu Mansion."

Hearing what Caiwei said, Madam Liu's eyes widened. He just couldn't understand why would Caiyan be harmful to her if what Qingyan said was true. Now she finally understood, because Caiyan was not a child from a family, but someone bought her with money. However, when they were buying Caiyan, she had already identified the identity of her, but now why?

When she arrived at the hospital, Madam Liu told Caiwei to wait her in the carriage, and she went into the hospital by herself.

"Madam, are you here for medicine?" The shopkeeper beamed at Madam Liu.

Madam Liu shook her head. She took out something from her sleeve and put it on the table. "Can you tell me what this incense is made of and this bag of tea?" she asked

The shopkeeper picked up the incense and smelled it at first. Then he put it down and said earnestly, "madam, although this incense can promote your sleep, there is a small amount of musk in it. If you use it for a long time, it may cause infertility."

Taking a step back, Madam Liu was shocked. It turned ou

at Luo Zhanming can rely on is Luo Yitong. However, unfortunately, Luo Yitong is a son of a concubine, and he often goes to brothels. Because he does not have much money, he can only go to the cheap brothels."

Xuanyuan Yvzhen nodded his head as a sign of approval. "Not bad, so he doesn't know the people of the Yihong Brothel. Although Su Qingteng also goes to the brothels, he is the eldest son. However, Luo Yitong is far from him."

"According to what you said, perhaps Luo Yijue also wants to take revenge on Miss Su. Do you think they will work together to deal with Miss Su?" Sitting at the side of the table, Weisheng Yvning looked at them and said slowly, "but according to Miss Su's character, I don't think she would be a match even if the two of them conspired to deal with her."

Hearing the latter's words, Murong Jingxuan suddenly understood what had happened. Although Qingyan had planned to make a move against the second branch of the Luo Mansion, she hadn't been able to find a good chance to do anything. Moreover, the suggestion proposed by Weisheng Yvning was not a good idea.

Qingyan once said that Luo Yijue was a conceited person, and such a person would definitely take the initiative to attack Qingyan. If they took the initiative to attack, then everything would be handled smoothly.

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