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   Chapter 226 Madam Liu Is Ooisoned (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6417

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After sending Murong Jingxuan away, Qingyan still couldn't fall asleep. The bodyguard, Anying, she had sent hadn't returned yet.

Despite that, she still believed in Anying's capabilities. After all, the four of them were good at different things.

And Antonio was good at assassination. She believed that Anying had the ability to deal with those people. And since he hadn't returned till now, he must have found something unusual.

This must have something to do with both Luo Zhanxiang and Liu Yueqiong, and it was more serious than she had expected.

It was already late at night when Anying returned to Yingshuang Palace.

While Qingyan was still awake.

"Miss, why don't you go to bed? I'm going to tell you everything tomorrow."

"Now tell me. I'm worried about them, too. Anying, what did you find out?"

Anying nodded while looking at Melissa, "yes, Luo Zhanxiang is a drug trafficker. As for the Madam Liu..."

Looking at Anying, Qingyan asked with a frown, "what's wrong with Madam Liu?"

Looking at the expressionless face of Qingyan, Anying scratched his head and said, "the incense in the Madam Liu's room contains a small amount of masculine musk. I didn't smell it before, but I have found that Madam Liu likes this kind of incense very much. Therefore, the reason why Madam Liu has not got another child since he gave birth to Luo Yixin. As for how long the incense has been used, I don't know."

Hearing this, Qingyan frowned. "Does aunt know that uncle was poisoned?"

Looking at Qingyan, Anying shook his head and answered, "I think she don't know ite. I have investigated that the reason why he was poisoned. That was because he had taken the poppy powder for a long time. And these poppy powder must be from the tea that he drank. "

Qingyan looked at Anying and said with her hand on the table, "Anying, now you take me to the Luo Mansion. I want to investigate the caus

go to the doctor's office and ask him tomorrow. I don't understand why Caiyan would hurt you, but I still want to remind you that you should be cautious."

"Qingyan, i..." She had always heard from Luo Yixin that Qingyan had changed a lot. Now it seemed that she was indeed different. In the past, Qingyan would never inform her that the incense was not allowed to be used under such a circumstance.

"And there is poppy powder in the tea that uncle drinks. As for whether it's true or not, you can check it by yourself." Qingyan opened the door and walked out.

"Qingyan, do you think that they want to harm us? We have been tolerating them all the time, but why do they still want to harm us?"

Hearing the voice behind her, Qingyan turned around and asked with a smile, "aunt, do you want to know how could a sheep survive in the pack of wolves? That means you need to turn yourself into a wolf. " Then she left in a hurry.

Looking at the back of Qingyan when she turned around and left, Madam Liu smiled silently. It turned out that the reason why Qingyan became like this was that Su Mansion was a wolf, and the Luo Mansion was also a wolf?

She inserted her nails into the palms of her hands. The pain from them told her that everything was real, not a dream.

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