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   Chapter 225 Luo Yijue

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6528

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Then, Qingyan tightly held Luo Yixin's hand, looked up at her and smirked, saying, "I think he is my cousin, because my father has mentioned his name."

Hearing Qingyan's words, Luo Yijue looked at her. She said with a smile, "this must be my aunt's daughter, Qingyan. It's the first time I meet you. I didn't expect that you have become so beautiful."

Qingyan smiled and nodded at Luo Yijue, saying, "I'm flattered. Yiqian looks much more beautiful than me."

Looking at the young girl in front of her, Luo Yijue smiled when she heard what she said. The girl in front of her was just a unmarried girl, why Xuanyuan Yvfan said that she was so horrible. Moreover, she was obviously showing good to him, which meant that Su Qingyan was just an innocent girl and there was no need to be afraid of her.

Now, he really didn't know what Xuanyuan Yvfan was worried about. Could all the problems be solved after such a woman was directly married back and ravaged?

"Brother, if there is nothing else, I think mom doesn't know that I am here. So I'm going to leave with Yixin." Looking at Luo Yijuee, Qingyan still wore a tender smile on her face. Before Luo Yijue uttered a word, they directly left.

Looking at the disappearing figure of Qingyan, Luo Yijue touched his chin thoughtfully. She thought that Su Qingyan was a unworthy opponent. He really didn't expect that Xuanyuan Yvfan was defeated by this woman.

Luo Yixin felt relieved after she went out of the plum garden. Seeing the relaxing look on her face, Qingyan couldn't understand why she was so scared, so she asked, "my dear sister, why are you so afraid of Luo Yijue?"

Luo Yixin bit her chin and didn't know how to tell this to Qingyan. She stood where she was and thought for a while. Then she whispered the secret she had kept for a long time in Qingyan's ear.

Hearing what Luo Yixin said, Qingyan had no choice but to penetrate her fingernails into her palm. She had to

from the handkerchief in her hand to look at Murong Jingxuan. She said slowly, stressing each syllable, "Murong Jingxuan, I didn't tell you that my second uncle tried to poison my grandfather, did I?"

Surprised, Murong Jingxuan asked, "what did you say? How dare Luo Zhanming murder Luo Guancheng? "

Qingyan looked at Murong Jingxuan and nodded earnestly. "And Yixin told me another news today."

Looking at the scowling Qingyan, Murong Jingxuan asked, "what did Luo Yixin tell you?"

Qingyan motioned Murong Jingxuan to sit down. After he sat down, Qingyan told him everything that had happened. "Murong Jingxuan, if we don't do something to Luo Yijue, I guess that Luo Yijue will be taken advantage of by Luo Yijue because of it."

Murong Jingxuan nodded his head as he listened to her carefully. "Yes, you're right. But now, what can you do to deal with them? Luo Yijue is very scheming and he has very means."

Qingyan listened to him carefully and nodded. "Not bad. So he is easy to deal with. A conceited man like him will be the only one to fail in the end." The last sentence was uttered by Qingyan with her teeth gritted.

'She can handle everyone as long as she wants, ' she thought.

Since Luo Yijue treated Yixin so cruelly, Qingyan decided not to show mercy to him, either.

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