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   Chapter 223 Grandfather Ⅰ

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After having breakfast, Suyun wrote a letter about visiting the Jiangjunfu. She then got reply from Jiangjunfu very soon. Since Luo Guancheng hadn't seen Qingyan and Su Qingyv for a long time, it didn't take long for Jiangjunfu to give back respond.

Although it was the first time for Qingyan to go to the Jiangjunfu, seeing from Luo Yixin's performance, she could already notice that there was no difference between living in this mansion and the Su Mansion where she used to live. Step by step, both of them must be scheming about their lives carefully.

Luo Zhanxiang and Luo Zhanming were not that ordinary as they seemed to be. After all, they had never fought with each other in front of Luo Guancheng.

When Mrs. Luo Yun heard that Qingyan was coming, once she finished having breakfast, she immediately brought Liu Yueqiong, Jiang Xinyue and a couple of concubines and their children with her waiting at the gate.

Since Qingyan was the Junzhu of her clan, by law people should bow to her with respect. However, given her gentle personality, she didn't care about the etiquette at all. However, what she thought didn't work for Mrs. Luo Yun.

When the carriage arrived at the gate of the Luo Mansion, Suyun got off first, followed by Luobing with Su Qingyv. Su Qingyan was the last one to get off.

At the sight of Qingyan, Mrs. Luo Yun was about to make a bow to her. But Qingyan held her hand right away and said, "grandma, out of respect, you are my elder, so you shall allow me to do the curtsey."

Looking at elegant Qingyan, Mrs. Luo Yun turned to her with a smile, "Qingyan, you have really grown up to a beauty after such a long time, but I was hoping that you could come to see your grandma more. Have you forget me already?"

"Gee, what a poser! She is just a Junzhu." Luo Yiqian looked at Qingyan and uttered with dissatisfaction.

But to her surprise, Qingyan heard her whisper. Qingyan then turned around and smiled slightly at Jiang Xinyue and Luo Yiqian, "you know, auntie, grandmom sure doesn't need to make a bow, but I think you guys need me to teach you the manners."

Just when Jiang Xinyue thought Qingyan was going to let them go, she heard her cold voice coming from behind, "auntie, why didn't you kneel down to me? Are you going to offense me in def

previous servile personality was totally different from what she was now, because she was previously raised up in a low-key family by Ning Siyao. Thus just like how she thought of Luo Yixin, Su Qingyan hadn't wanted to be close to Suyun and Luobing at first.

Her memories started to surge back. Even if she came to the Luo Mansion, she would definitely not be willing to get close to it. What was in her eyes at that time was all about Ning Siyao -- her family. She treated Ning Siyao as her own mother, but the mother "attentively" trained the daughter into a good for nothing.

And made her became a laughingstock in the whole Diqiu City.

However, every mother cared about her own daughter. So in the face the beauty of Su Qingyuan, Su Qingyan was completely a foil, and she was sorry for her own existence along with Su Qingyuan's.

But now, Su Qingyuan was dead and Suming was removed from the position in the office. Meanwhile, Ning Siyao has been busy planning on how to defeat Su Qingyan. However, only Qingyan knew clearly that all that effort was in vain.

"Qingyan, what are you thinking now?" Watching absent-minded Qingyan, Luo Yixin called her name softly, "I really don't know who you actually are, Qingyan. I just think..."

Qingyan turned and looked at Luo Yixin, holding her hands. She said, "dear Yixin, the fact is that everyone will change, and I am no exception. People can do anything to live, and so can I. But you have to remember that no matter what happens, I am still the girl in your memory."

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