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   Chapter 214 Shaoyaos (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6339

Updated: 2020-01-19 00:34

Hearing Xuanyuan Yvzhe's words, Shaoyao looked at him and shook her head. "Your Highness, there's something that you don't know. The prostitutes like us are not willing to accept those who did not sell their bodies. We can't be redeemed."

After Xuanyuan Yvzhe stood up, he looked at Shaoyao lying on the bed and spoke with a smile, "don't worry. I will definitely redeem you at any price."

After hearing Xuanyuan Yvzhe's words, Shaoyao burst into tears again. "Your Highness, you don't have to take great efforts to do anything for me. Even if I can be redeemed, what else can I do in the future?"

Xuanyuan Yvzhe stared at the look of Shaoyao and felt sorry for her. "Don't worry, Shaoyao. Although I can't make you as my wife, I will make you my second concubine."

Hearing Xuanyuan Yvzhe's words, Shaoyao burst into tears again. With misty eyes, she stared at Xuanyuan Yvzhe who was sobbing and said in a low voice, "Your Highness, how can I deserve this?"

Xuanyuan Yvzhe's face was still serious as he was holding Shaoyao. "Don't worry, I will redeem you."

At last, Shaoyao looked at Xuanyuan Yvzhe and seriously nodded, "Your Highness. Don't quarrel with the people from the Yihong Brothel because of me. Otherwise, no matter where I go, I'll be tortured to death."

Xuanyuan Yvzhe said as he put a kiss on Shaoyao's lips. "You go and get ready. I'll take you away from the Yihong Brothel this evening."

Shaoyao seriously nodded to Xuanyuan Yvzhe. After that, she put on her coat and looked at Xuanyuan Yvzhe's back as she turned around. Shaoyao slowly raised the corners of her mouth.

When Shaoyao went back to her room, she saw Jinhuan Su Qingyan, and Mudan, who were standing beside quietly dressed up as men, waiting for her. Then, with a slight bow, she said, "nice to meet you, Miss."

"How is it going?" asked Qingyan smilingly. As she spoke, she took a glass of

in surprise, "it seems that it is more powerful than we imagined."

Jinhuan looked at them and nodded seriously. "Of course. Otherwise, how can we rule us?" With a mysterious smile on Jinhuan's face, Jinhuan continued, "Miss, she is an unfathomable woman."

Thinking of the order given by Qingyan before she left, Mudan asked with a frown, "Jinhuan, do you thinkthe Third Princewill really agree to let you marry like this?"

With her eyes fixed on Mudan, a smile formed on Jinhuan's lips. "Let's ask Procuress Rong and find it out."

When Jinhuan went to find Procuress Rong, she saw her stand there in embarrassment and said, "The Third Prince, please remember that the girls in our brothel can't be redeemed."

Xuanyuan Yvzhe naturally knew this rule, but when he thought of Shaoyao, his only thought was to help her recover.

"Procuress Rong, please make an exception. I'll pay anything for it."

"Your Highness, if you really want to redeem her, I have to ask our master whether she agrees or not." Procuress Rong stared at Xuanyuan Yvzhe with a serious expression.

"Okay, I'll wait for your good news."

"Wait a minute, your highness?" Jinhuan and Shaoyao walked towards him slowly. "Your Highness, are you sure you want to redeem Shaoyao?"

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