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   Chapter 213 Selfishness Is Nature (Part Two)

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After Su Qingteng returned to the yard, he directly went to the yard of Chai Yiyun.

Such a big decision had be agreed by Chai YIyun. If she did not agree, then he could only give up this plan.

However, in consideration of Chai Yiyun's character, she would probably agree with the marriage. After all, after Su Qingwen married, she would become the principal concubine of the Third Prince.

Although the Third Prince was a playful prince, it was another story if Su Qingwen could get his heart.

Most importantly, Su Yan would become the relative of the royal family by then.

In that case, all people, including Suyun, would naturally lower themselves when meeting with Su Yan.

After hearing from Meixue that Su Qingteng was here, Chai Yiyun immediately went to ask the servant to prepare the breakfast.

She knew that Su Qingteng was getting along well with Su Qingming recently.

She had intended to tell him to cut off his association with Su Qingming. After all, considering the character of Ning Siyao, she didn't believe that Su Qingshan was a good person.

When she was wandering in her mind, the familiar voice came, "mother, I have something to discuss with you."

Looking at the expression on Su Qingteng's face, Chai Yiyun said first, "Qingteng, I heard that you have a close relationship with Su Qingming recently. I want to tell you, someone like him isn't the right person for you to get along with."

After hearing what Chai Yiyun said, Su Qingteng looked at her and said with a smile, "Mom, there is a reason for my contact with my brother."

Su Qingteng told her everything that happened these days. Chai Yiyun didn't expect that there was something wrong between him and Xuanyuan Yvhui, the Third Prince. Besides, from what she heard, she knew that he cared about Su Qingteng.

Now that Su Qingteng had signed up with the Third Prince, it was not a bad thing for both Ch

s Mr.Su is really naive." Giving the wine glass to him, Shaoyao said, "if you get married, don't forget me."

Xuanyuan Yvzhe looked at the handwriting on the piece and said with a smile, "how can I forget a beauty like you?" After he finished his words, he kissed on her lips and said, "you can't smell the fragrance of wildflowers at home."

"Your Highness, we girls are nothing comparable to them."

Xuanyuan Yvzhe said with a smile, "little beauty, don't worry. I will not forget you."

Seeing Xuanyuan Yvzhe's behavior, she put her hand around his neck and said, "Your Highness, the reason why you said this is to please me. The Miss from the Su Mansion is better than me." She pretended to rub her eyes.

Xuanyuan Yvzhe held her face and gave her an affectionate kiss. He also didn't know why he was so fond of the woman in front of him. He felt very sad when he saw her tears. If it were another woman beside him, he would feel uncomfortable all over.

Seeing the reaction on Xuanyuan Yvzhe's face, she picked up his hand and put it on her face gently. "I'm glad to hear your words. If you really get married and have your own child, I will always remember your kindness to me."

Xuanyuan Yvzhe bent over and whispered in her ear, "Shaoyao, how about I buy you?"

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