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   Chapter 211 Breakup Of The Plan

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6216

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Ye Jiqing still couldn't believe what she heard from the servant girl standing next to her. She didn't realize it was the truth until Ning Siyao entered the courtyard.

"It seems that you don't welcome me." Looking at Ye Jiqing, Ning Siyao said with a smile.

Seeing the expression on Ning Siyao's face, Ye Jiqing walked up to her and said, "good afternoon, lady."

Ning Siyao helped Ye Jiqing get up, then she said, "you are my sister. Don't be so courteous."

Though Ye Jiqing didn't know the real purpose of Ning Siyao's visit, she could tell something from the look on Ning Siyao's face. Recently, she had been in trouble because of Su Qingshan, and she was overwhelmed by the fact that Suming had abandoned Su Qingshan. After all, she had only one son.

"What can I do for you?" "Our husband didn't stay with me these days," said Ye Jiqing with a smile.

Ning Siyao knew what Ye Jiqing was worried about. But at this point, the most important thing was to get Ye Jiqing to agree to their cooperation.

Even though she didn't know why Su Qingshan was punished. She knew, somehow, that everything was done by Qingyan secretly. Therefore, there was only one enemy to them now, that is, Su Qingyan.

"What are you talking about, dear sister? I just came here to visit Qingshan." Looking at the worried look on Ye Jiqing's face, Ning Siyao continued with a smile, "I know you are worried about him, so I came here to see you."

Speaking of this son, Ye Jiqing felt sorry for him. She didn't know how to comment on this son now. She didn't know when her son had been addicted to gambling or when he began to be a frequenter in the brothel.

And he was sent back in that way. All the trick was uncovered beyond Ye Jiqing's expectation.

She never believed that her son would be sent back to the Su Mansion in this way. This was undoubte

ing, with a smile on her face. She looked into Ning Siyao's eyes and stated seriously, "my son Qing Shan was thrown to the gate of the Su Mansion by the Yihong Brothel. You must know where the brothel is. In that case, how could Junzhu go to the largest brothel in the Capital City?"

Hearing this, Ning Siyao took a step back, looking embarrassed. She really didn't expect that Ye Jiqing could say such words.

"Ye Jiqing, I condescended and came here to cooperate with you for your sake. Don't refuse me." Ning Siyao regained her arrogant manner and asked, "I just want to know whether you will cooperate with us or not."

"Madam, you're really my husband's good wife. Although I'm not loved by him, I won't do such a despicable thing." Ye Jiqing said and curled her lips.

"I hope you won't regret it," Ning Siyao threatened. After that, Ning Siyao turned around and left.

Looking at the figure of Ning Siyao turned around and left, Ye Jiqing slumped into a chair. "Xi, do you think that I was very strong just now?"

Looking at Ye Jiqing's face, said with a smile, "you have to control yourself for the sake of the young master. After all, the one who punished the young master does not want you cooperate with Ning Siyao.

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