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   Chapter 210 Brainstorming (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6539

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Su Qingming didn't expect that Marquis Jingguo would support the Second Prince for this reason.

The one with real strength in current court was indeed the Fourth Prince, Xuanyuan Yvzhen However, he had always been helping the Crown Prince, and arragne everthing for the Crown Prince.

But these officials all knew that the Crown Prince, Xuanyuan Yvze did not have a healthy body. It was impossible for him to take the throne after the death of his father. Therefore, all of them began to choose the princes who had a bright future.

Since the Third Prince and the Fifth Prince were not interested in the court affairs, the Second Prince was the most likely to inherit the throne. As for the Sixth Prince, he always supported the Fourth Prince, so he belonged to the side of the Crown Prince now.

"Ha ha, Chenyi, I didn't expect that the grandfather would support us because of this reason." Said sSu Qingming in surprise.

Ning Chenyi still trusted Su Qingming. Even if Su Qingming was no longer favored by Su Qingming, especially after this incident happened.

Now, Xuanyuan Yvfan was not favored by Emperor Hongjia after what happened to Emperor Hongjia. Now the Crown Prince was most liked by Emperor Hongjia.

Emperor Hongjia still supported the Crown Prince. No matter what the trivial matter was, he would listen to advice of the Crown Prince. But Su Qingming knew clearly that although the Crown Prince was capable, Xuanyuan Yvzhen was the one who plotted for him.

"Chenyi, do we have to wait and see?" Asked Su Qingming seriously.

Xuanyuan Yvzhe had told Xuanyuan Yvhui that women like Su Qingyan is not esay to be dealt with. If they couldn't come up with a perfect plan, they would also ask for trouble.

So the best way was to wait and see what Su Qingyan would do next.

Su Qingteng didn't understand what he was saying. His only focus was on Su Qingyan. He knew Su Qingyan was a beauty in the Capital City. Altho

now what was on Suming's mind. He was a man of fun and dissipation. No matter how hard Ning Siyao tried to persuade him, he would never change his mind. What's more, he would rather die than compromise.

Ning Siyao couldn't count on Suming to help her now, and the only person who could help her now was basically Ye Jiqing. This woman was Suming's concubine, whose son, Su Qingshan, was punished a few days ago.

In Ning Siyao's memory, Ye Jiqing was best at making incense, and the incense making skill could secretly send people to death. If she could cooperate with Ye Jiqing, it must be a wonderful thing.

When Ning Siyao thought of this, she asked the servant to prepare a big gift for Ye Jiqing.

Although Nianchun didn't understand why she had to flatter an unwelcome concubine, she understood that it was all because of Su Qingyuan's death.

Ning Siyao had been restless since Su Qingyuan's death, and Nianchun could feel that Su Qingming didn't respect her as much as before.

After all, it was Ning Siyao's own fault.

The death of Nianxia was a great blow to Nianchun. After all, Nianxia was her only family in the world. If it was possible, she really wanted to leave the Su Mansion now.

But she knew that it was impossible and Ning Siyao wouldn't let her go so easily.

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