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   Chapter 209 Brainstorming (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6598

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The next morning, when Qingyan woke up, the first thing she did was to put on her clothes and sit in front of the desk to draw. She hadn't drawn for a long time, but in her drawings were a boy who looked like Weisheng Yvning when he was young. She hadn't seen Weisheng Yvning for five years, but she had always engraved his appearance in her mind.

Even though she had seen him wearing a mask last time, she could still imagine what he looked like now.

Qingyan remembered that Weisheng Junmo held her in his arms and told her that Yvning looked like her very much.

She also remembered the appearance of Weisheng Junmo.

However, everything was gone.

As soon as Baizhi and Zizhu pushed the door open, they saw Qingyan sitting there still. As soon as Zizhu walked up to Qingyan, she saw the young man on the paper.

"Miss, who is the boy in the painting?"

Qingyan looked at Zizhu, shaking her head. "She is an old friend of mine," Qingyan replied with a smile.

Zizhu knew that Qingyan had many secrets since she woke up last time, but as the servants, they didn't need to know it.

They were still full of doubts after Qingyan surprised them again and again. But they knew that no matter what happened, the woman in front of them was their mistress, even if she had changed.

"After Miss fell into the river, her temperament and even her personality changed a lot." Baizhi looked at Qingyan and said casually.

Qingyan looked at Baizhi. When she thought of the past, she smiled and said, "actually I don't think so. I have made too much concessions to them, and I do not need to do it anymore.''

Zizhu thought what Qingyan said was right. After all, in the past, Qingyan always let others bully her, but now she knew how to fight back others.

"Miss, the breakfast Huangcen prepared today was chicken shoots porridge." Baizhi then skillfully combed her hair and asked, "Miss, what are you going to do today?"

Qingyan looked at Baizhi


With these thoughts in her mind, Su Qingming turned to look at Ning Chenyi, who helplessly shook his head and said, "although the Third Prince and the Fifth Prince want to take action against her, we must take a complete plan in order to deal with her."

Listening to these words, Su Qingming nodded seriously. "Indeed, we have to take a thorough action to deal with her."

"By the way, how is uncle?" Ning Chenyi remembered Su Qingshan's previous behaviors and inquired about Suming.

"He's not doing well. Now he can only live on girls and wine. Although he can't affordto go to the Yihong Brothel, he goes to places with relatively good brothels."

Ning Chenyi recalled what Marquis Jingguo once said and frowned, "Qingming, is it true that Qingshan is sentenced to dump wastes by the emperor?"

Speaking of this, Su Qingming's face was full of hatred. "I don't know who told the secret to the emperor. He even ordered Su Qingshan to do the job of dumping wastes. Now we and the whole Su Mansion were laughed by the Capital City."

Ning Zhiyao shook his head with a smile. "It is the Fourth Prince who told the incident to the emperor. He is a scheming man, but unfortunately, he has been with the Crown Prince all the time. Otherwise, my grandfather would not choose to help the Second Prince."

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