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   Chapter 207 Su Qingshan

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Looking at the calm expression on Qingyan's face, Qingdai pursed her lips and said, "Miss, it seems that you know this is going to happen."

Looking at Qingdai, Qingyan nodded, "Yes. But I really don't know what Fengshuang has done."

Looking at Qingyan, Qingdaisaid the words Fengshuang carved on her body, "I didn't expect that you would be so capable." Qingyan sighed.

Qingyan didn't expect that Fengshuang would be so naughty to write something like this on Su Qingshan's body.

'The rotten wooden cannot be carved just like the walls contaminated with shits cannot be washed.'

"The people from your Qixing Hall are really impressive." "But the thing about Fengshuang has actually tarnished the reputation of the Su Mansion." Qingyan smiled at Qingdai.

"But Sumingwas just relegated because of what happened to Su Qingyuan, now another funny thing happened."

Qingyan looked at Qingdai and nodded with a smile.

Yes, it's true. As long as the things about Su Qingshan was discovered, Suming would suffer a lot again. There were more blows on him. She didn't know if Suming could stand it or not.


At this time, Xuanyuan Yvzhen was accompanying Qilian Yvran in the Guanjv Palace, and Emperor Hongjia also stayed there.

But Qilian Yvran didn't look well.

"Mother, let me tell you something interesting." Thinking of the secret that Murong Jingxuan had told him last night, Xuanyuan Yvzhen smiled and looked at Qilian Yvran and Emperor Hongjia.

"You really know a lot such stuff," Emperor Hongjia looked at Xuanyuan Yvzhen and said indifferently, "tell me. What interesting things have happened again?"

"My son was trying to please me. It's none of your business." "If you don't want to hear, just leave my place," said Qilian Yvran impatiently, looking at Emperor Hongjia.

Hearing what Qilian Yvran said, Emperor Hongjia looked helpless. However, he had heard a lot

now it is all my fault." said Emperor Hongjia with a serious look.

"I knew it since the day I married you. I don't blame you," Qilian Yvran responded, holding Emperor Hongjia's hand tightly

Hearing what Qilian Yvran said, Emperor Hongjia felt more guilty. Looking at Qilian Yvran, he didn't know how to continue the conversation.

So many years had passed, but Qilian Yvran was still as young and beautiful as before. But he was not as robust as before.

"If the crown prince can't inherit the throne, I will pass it to the Fourth Prince. What do you think?"

Hongjia, you know that he doesn't care about the throne at all. He only cares about the people. If there is something wrong with the Crown Prince, he will definitely come out and preside over the overall situation. " Qilian Yvran said, shaking her head.

Hearing her words, Emperor Hongjia pulled her into his arms.

He still remembered that many years ago, she had been so calm that no one could affect her emotions, but later he understood that all these were just for hiding her love in the heart.

In other words, no woman was willing to share a husband with others.

Leaning against Emperor Hongjia's chest, Qilian Yvran heard him saying.

——Ranran, you will be my only wife this life.

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