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   Chapter 205 Weisheng Yvning (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6312

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Weisheng Yvning was the child of Qilian Qingyan, who was 16 years old at that time. As she was still very young when giving birth to Yvning, the physical condition of Yvning was not very well.

During that period, she also stayed with the baby with her whole heart and soul. She didn't give all the things to the babysitter, instead but she was busy doing all the babysitting work.

She knew what it felt like to be a mother and son, and she would never forget it.

Even if Weisheng Yvning had used the camouflage technique, she could still easily recognize him.

After all, Weisheng Yvning's skill was inferior to Weisheng Junmo when it came to the camouflage technique. So She could still recognize it.

"Yanyan, don't worry. This isn't the end we can change." Looking at the crying girl in his arms, Murong Jingxuan felt his heart ache.

"Jingxuan, do you know he is my son of my previous life? Even I was very excited to see him." "If Qilian Qingyan had been alive, she wouldn't have been so cruel to see her son live such a miserable life." Qingyan pulled Jingxuan by his collar.

"Yanyan, listen to me. Qilian Qingyan is dead."

Qingyan understood what Murong Jingxuan meant. Since Qilian Qingyan was already dead, she need not to carry on the previous missions and pains. But so what? Nothing would change.

It was rare for Murong Jingxuan to see Qingyan lose control of her emotions like this. He was glad that he was with her at this moment. If others saw her like this, they would definitely feel sorry for her, but he didn't want to see that.

After comforting Qingyan for a while, they went back to the Yihong Brothel. When they were back, Jinhuan and Mudan looked at Qingyan and asked with concern.

"Did you see anything, miss?" Noticing that Qingyan was in a bad mood, Jinhuan asked with concern. Then she looked at Murong Jingxuan.

"We saw We

n seriously nodded and said, "Master, you're right. I got the news that the Third Prince is not the son of the old emperor."

"What makes you think so?" Qingyan asked suspiciously.

Lanhua looked at Qingyan and said seriously, "Prince Qingsu said it personally. He once saw Prince Qingsu and his wife playing the Phoenix in the palace. At that time, Prince Qingsu knew he was Prince Qingsu's son."

"Now that it's from the Third Prince, I think you can believe it," Murong Jingxuan added, looking at Su Qingyan.

Qingyan looked at Murong Jingxuan and nodded earnestly. "Not bad. Xuanyuan Yvzhe should never know that he isn't Emperor Hongjia's son."

"But the concubine must know this. Her behavior was unforgivable." Jinhuan looked at them and asked earnestly, "is this a conspiracy of her?"

Qingyan looked at Jinhuan and other ladies and nodded seriously. "YShe must have her own ideas. If the Third Prince ascends to the throne, the Ninth King will be the person in charge of the imperial household righteously. As for what happened in the harem, she could leave them aside."

Jinhuan thought what Qingyan said made sense. Moreover, if such a secret was exposed to the public, the royal family and even the Donghe Kingdom would feel ashamed.

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