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   Chapter 204 The Highest Offer (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6508

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Qingyan looked around and found that the whole building was crowded with people. It was her first time to see such a grand scene in a brothel, but she was afraid that this would be the last time.

A variety of people were standing there. They were all whistling and calling out various names, all of whom were desiring for the beauty of the ten beauties.

However, he didn't know that these beauties were all killers with unique skills. A beauty killer could kill a man by accident.

"It is the so-called knife on the sex."

After taking care of the matter related to Su Qingshan, Fengshuang went back to Murong Jingxuan' side. The moment Qingyan saw him, she asked with a smile, "how's it going? What did Suming say? "

"Miss, I took off all the clothes of Su Qingshan and threw him to the gate of the Su Mansion. As for the result, I don't know yet."

After hearing Fengshuang's words, Qingyan laughed and gave a thumbs up. "Well done!"

Hearing her praise, Fengshuang scratched his head shyly and said, "thank you for your praise."

"Miss, how much money do you think we can earn tonight by the Yihong Brothel?" As Jinhuan spoke, she handed Qingyan a cup of tea. "Miss, have some tea."

Qingyan looked at Jinhuan and continued, "they are all young masters from rich families and are generous. Besides, our girls are all prettier than the girls in other places."

Jinhuan looked at Qingyan with nodding her head. With a call from Procuress Rong, the ten ladies came to the hall in succession. This time they were all dressed in thin gauze clothes, and the covetous men seemed to see through everything.

Some even put their hands on the platform, but the guards in black kicked them away.

"The ten girls are for bidding now, and the highest biding gets them." "Our girls are the most beautiful girls in the Capital City. If you miss this opportunity, we won't have another one."

The first to show up was Dujuan. She w

me face with long eyebrows and starry eyes. The figure seemed to be the same as that of Qilian Qingyan.

"The trip to the Donghe Kingdom has really broadened my horizons." The young man answered in a cold voice, "but it would be easier for us to use the Donghe Kingdom to destroy the Nanchen Kingdom."

"Master, do you mean that you want to cooperate with the Donghe Kingdom?" The servant looked at the young man and said in a respectful tone, "if my memory serves me right, the emperor has been urging you to go back."

"That woman wanted me to die. She didn't know that all the people she sent were all dead." After saying that, the young man took a step forward and left, "of course I have to go back. I want to see what my dear father will suffer."

After saying that, he turned around and left, leaving a lonely and cold back to the servant. After the young man left, a figure walked out from a corner.

Taken a closer look at the figure, she was clenching her fists tightly. Beside her was Murong Jingxuan, who just came out from the Yihong Brothel.

"Yanyan, are you sure it's him?" Looking at the young man's retreating figure, Murong Jingxuan took her in his arms.

"I won't make a mistake. How could I mistake my own son?" she defended herself, burying her head in his arms.

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