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   Chapter 203 The Highest Offer (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 5944

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"Miss, the girls in our Yihong Brothel are all first-class. Please don't drink tea all the time!" Jinhuan looked at the young man with a gentle smile. "Miss, why don't you smile to me?"

Seeing the action of the Jinhuan, Qingyan took over the glass in her hand and drank it up. "Huanhuan, it's really interesting to stay in your room, but I didn't expect that Su Qingteng had such an idea."

"Yanyan, do you think that Chai Yiyun will really agree to give Su Qingwen to the Third Prince?" Drinking some wine, Murong Jingxuan looked at Qingyan and said earnestly, "but if ySu Qingwen is really spoiled by him, she's like a cockroach cocked up in the sky."

Qingyan looked at Murong Jingxuan and shook her head. "Do you really think that the Third Prince will always love her?" "I don't think so," Qingyan continued a dash of disappointment flashing across her face

Jinhuan looked at Qingyan and nodded earnestly. "Shizi, in my opinion, the Third Prince is just feeling a sense of novelty from her. And he will probably desert her once he becomes bored of her."

Hearing what Jinhuan said, Qingyan looked at Murong Jingxuan and nodded earnestly. "But I agree with Jinhuan. Even if Su Qingwen gets married to him, she might not be able to become the principal concubine."

As Murong Jingxuan listened to Qingyan's analysis, he agreed with her. Moreover, he knew Xuanyuan Yvzhe was a dissolute man, and he was just greedy for some fresh afeeling.

"What about Su Qingming?" "Su Qingyuan is dead. And there's no more sisters for Su Qingming to take advantage of. "

Looking at Murong Jingxuan, Qingyan shook her head. "Who told you that? Have you forgetten Su Qingting."

"Do you think Su Qingming will use her to deal with the Third Prince or the the Fifth Prince?"

the incense has no effect on you, but it can be used to deal with bad guys."

The ten women swallowed the pill. "I can guarantee that this pill will have no effect or any poison. I stole it from Shizi. You should thank him."

The ten ladies bowed to Qingyan and said, "thanks a lot, Miss."

"Qingyan, look at the woman you cultivated in the beast Pavilion. They are so special!" Then, Murong Jingxuan picked up a piece of cake and began to eat it. "If that's the case, Mudan, you have to apologize to your friends later."

"Of course. I'll take good care of Miss," replied Mudan with a smile. Then she looked at Qingyan.

After giving orders, Qingyan left the room. In fact, they knew what to do next.

"Miss, the bidding is about to start. Let's go to the front hall." Jinhuan looked at them and said earnestly.

Qingyan looked at them and nodded earnestly. "Let's go. I'll see how capable the Third Prince and the Fifth Prince are."

When they walked to the front hall, the best seat were reserved for Murong Jingxuan. the Third Prince and the Fifth Prince were sitting on his right, and the other man on his left was a playboy from a rich family they had never seen.

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