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   Chapter 201 Intimate Friends (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6336

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After Su Qingteng returned to the Su Mansion, he kept thinking about what Su Qingming said, but he didn't understand. He couldn't remember anything happened before, especially those ambiguous words.

Although he was curious about how he had heard those words from Su Qingming, his heart started to beat wildly when he heard Su Qingming referred to the girls in the Yihong Brothel. He had been longing for those girls for a long time, let alone he could only see those beauties in the Capital City.

He thought he made a right decision to come back to the the Capital City this time. He was really lucky to meet such a good thing as soon as he came back.

Looking at the absent-minded expression of Su Qingteng, Chai Yiyun said, "is there anything unpleasant happening to you? Tell me. I can help you solve it."

Hearing what Chai Yiyun said, Su Qingteng shook his head helplessly. "I'm fine, mother. Don't worry about me."

Chai Yiyun felt that Su Qingteng was different after he came back. Moreover, she had heard from Su Yan that the teacher of the Lushan School always said that her son was very thoughtful and obedient. The most important thing was that he was a very fond of learning.

Anybody would be happy to hear such a compliment.

"Mother and sister will depend on you in the future." Looking at Su Qingteng, Chai Yiyun said with a smile, "after Madam Deng's death, we are the only ones left in this courtyard, so you must study hard."

After hearing what Chai Yiyun said, Su Qingteng nodded, "I know, mother."

At the thought of Su Qingming's words, Su Qingteng put down his chopsticks and said with a smile, "Mom, I'm full. I'll go to read now."

Seeing that Su Qingteng was so obsessed with books, Chai Yiyun agreed.

After Su Qingteng left, he went back to the yard and saw Su Qingming outside. Su Qingming walked to him with a smile and took out a pile of c

mind my business? 'this whorehouse is for fun, right? What the hell are you doing? " Then, Su Qingshan spit on the ground.

Su Qingming was about to help Su Qingshan. But he was stopped by Ning Chenyi. Ning Chenyi shook his head, signaling Su Qingming not to make trouble. He knew that the young man in beautiful clothes wasn't someone Su Qingming could afford to offend.

"What are you doing there? Bring this prodigy to justice!"

Then a group of men in black appeared and stood behind Su Qingshan. However, the young man didn't seem to listen to him. He shouted, "look! I'm Suming's son. How dare you arrest me?"

At this moment, another voice sounded, "Oh, you are elder Su's son! Like son like daughter. "

Hearing the voice, Su Qingming raised his head and saw Murong Jingxuan, standing next to him was Jinhuan.

Jinhuan walked to Procuress Rong and held her up. Then she looked at Murong Jingxuanand sobbed, "Your Highness, we have business to do. How could Mr. Su bully us like this? Please uphold justice for us."

Looking at the serious look on Su Qingshan's face, Su Qingming really wanted to get rid of him in a short time. And now he was even trying to frame Suming. Suming had been belittled to be worthless, and now he even got worse.

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