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   Chapter 200 Like Attracts Like (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6080

Updated: 2020-01-16 18:17

In the Jiangjunfu, the Yingshuang Palace.

"Miss, is that why you asked me to disguise my look and lie to Su Qingming?" Looking at the girl in front of him, Anying spoke with resignation. In fact, the previous Su Qingteng was faked by Anying. That was to make Su Qingming target at the Third Prince and the Fifth Prince.

Qingyan came up with this idea only when she got the news from Jinhuan that Ning Chenyi was also there in the Yihong Brothel.

She wanted to take advantage to get all the info of them. Although Su Qingteng didn't know Ning Yunqing, but Ning Chenyi knew Su Qingming. After all, he was the eldest son of Marquis Jingguo.

She had heard about some rumors about Ning Chenyi that he was dissolute and didn't like women. However, she didn't expect Xuanyuan Yvzhe to bring him into the Yihong Brothel. This was also the result she wanted.

"What's the point of having them gather together, miss?" "We have a million other methods to deal with them," Looking at Qingyan, Anying was confused.

Looking at Anying, Qingyan shook her head, "not really. Do you think the Third Prince and the Fifth Prince are easy to be taken down?" Qingyan smiled as he looked up at Anying, "if I remember correctly, there's a reasn why the Third Prince keeps his relationship with the fifth Prince privately."

"So you mean we should wait and see." Looking at the calm Qingyan, Anying said seriously, "I think it's not good for us if things go this way."

Qingyan smiled at Anying, "of course not? Now let's see how Jinhuan arranges a play for us. "

'Jinhuan's ways to handle things always pleased her. After all, few people knew Jinhuan was the in charge of the Yihong Brothel, and Procuress Rong should be Yun canglan's confidant. '

"Miss, do you mean if Jinhuan gets everything ready for this play, it w

urning into a person's appearance. Moreover, after being born, Weisheng Junmo had taught her a method.

The facial disguise skill of Weisheng Junmo was peerless in the world. No one could see through it, and other people's techniques were weak in front of him.

Later, when they fell in love, Weisheng Junmo told her that secret. At that time, Weisheng Junmo had smiled and said that it would be useful someday.

But now it was useful to her, but he couldn't be with that her.

Qingyanlooked at them and shrugged. "Get yourself out of here. I'm going to find Qingxue and Qingcong. Remember to tell Huangcen that I need to eat bamboo shoots and chicken for lunch today."

Looking at the disappearing figures of Qingyan, Yaochi and Yanmei looked at each other and asked. They had to admit that their mistress had the ability to see through their disguises. But could she really see through them only by the aura?

"Can she really see through us just by our aura?" Yaochi did not answer Yaochi, he just rolled his eyes at him.

"Our Miss must have her unique method and we need not know too much about it." Then Yaochi turned around and disappeared. Seeing that Yaochi left, Yanmei also left the yard.

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