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   Chapter 198 Beauty And Wine (Ⅲ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6629

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Qingyan and Jinhuan, along with three men came out from Jinhuan's room. Although Jinhuan was the most popular girl in the Yihong Brothel, she was also the person in charge of the brothel. Looking at Procuress Rong standing by, Jinhuan smiled. Only Procuress Rongl knew her true identity.

"Procuress Rong, I have something to tell you." Jinhuan looked at Procuress Rong and said with a smile. Then she picked up the teacup and began to drink slowly.

Seeing the appearance of Jinhuan, Procuress Rong said with a smile, "Miss, what can I do for you?"

"From now on, we, the top prostitutes of the Yihong Brothe will begin to accept the guests. As for those who they are not willing to sell their bodies. The highest prices will get them." Said Jinhuan, still with a smile on her face.

Realizing that this matter must have something to do with the four guests who came here today, Procuress Rong looked at the golden ring and nodded earnestly. "Miss, do you have any plan?"

Jinhuan looked at Procuress Rong and nodded. "Yes. My Miss said she wanted to gather the Third Prince, the Fifth Prince, Su Qingshan and Su Qingteng. It seems that he is ready to deal with the enemy. "

Procuress Rong nodded at Jinhuan with a serious look. "Miss, there's a new guest in the Yihong Brothel today, whose name is Ning Chenyi. He is the youngest son of the eldest son of Marquis Jingguo. It seems that the Third Prince invited him here today."

"Okay!" While listening to the report, Jinhuan smiled. "It's good. Ning Cheny will be the gift I give to my Miss." She then looked at Procuress Rong and continued, "Procuress Rong, it's up to you to pick up ten top girls."

Procuress Rong nodded seriously and walked out with a smile.

Watching Procuress Rong's receding figure, Jinhuan curled her lips.

Who is Ning Chenyi? Of course, Jinhuan about him, but she didn't expect that the Third Princewas able to drag Ning Chenyi to the Yihong Brothel. Ning Chenyi was the coldest young mas

r how to get the most favorable information."

"Yes." The ten ladies then left the room.

Golden ring walked out of the room with a smile, as if the scene had never happened.

Although Jinhuan was one of the most beautiful girls in the Yihong Brothel, she did not sell her body, and most importantly, she could get the information she wanted the most, because she was a good player and her melody had a magical effect.

When Jinhuan was standing upstairs, she saw Su Qingming and Su Qingteng sitting not far away. She didn't expect to see Su Qingming in the Yihong Brothel, but proved Su Qingyan's assumption. And the one sitting opposite to him was definitely Su Qingteng.

When she looked at Su Qingteng, she immediately noticed that Su Qingteng's body was failing because of too much sex behaviors with different boys and girls.

She smiled, but it didn't matter. The most important thing was to put them all together.

When Su Qingteng saw the note, he agreed to go. But he didn't expect that Su Qingming would know everything that had happened in the Luzhou City.

But to his surprise, the place Su Qingteng chose was the largest brothel in the Capital City. He had heard about the girls there. They were all pretty and knew how to please guests.

It seemed that this place really deserved the name.

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