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   Chapter 196 Beauty And Wine (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6572

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Looking at Chai Yiyun, Su Qingteng smiled and patted her on the shoulder, "Mother, grandmother!." He bowed to them as he spoke.

When Madam Sujia saw Su Qingteng, she wore a kind smile. She knew that Su Yan Su had sent Su Qingteng Su to the Lushan School in the Lushan School, and that he had achieved something in the Lushan School.

Since the affair with Su Qingyuan was over, Su Qingming had been staying in his room. Now the only hope of the Madam Sujia was Su Qingteng.

Therefore, she hoped that Su Qingteng could grow into a talented person.

Su Qingming, who was standing not far away from them, saw the whole thing. He had a clear understanding of everything that was happening in the Luzhou City, but it seemed that Chai Yiyun and Su Yan didn't know the truth of the matter, and maybe they could use it to make Su Qingteng become his pawn.

When Chai Yiyun and Su Qingteng walked through the yard, they saw that Ning Siyao was standing beside Su Qingming. Ning Siyao looked at Su Qingming and said with regret, "it's all my fault, son"

"Is that second aunt? How could you have ended up like this? Is it because the loss of your daughter? What a shame! " Looking at Ning Siyao, Chai Yiyun said sarcastically, "but I can understand you. Consisdering what happened to your daughter and son, if I were you, I might be too ashamed to live."

Ning Siyao tried to fight back, but her hand was tightly held by Su Qingming in private. Noticing that Ning Siyao looked unhappy, Chai Yiyun was satisfied and left.

"What are you doing, Qingming? Why don't you let me talk? " Looking at Su Qingming, with an expression of confusion on her face, Ning Siyao asked, "do you also feel that I own you too much?"

"Mother, I understand your good intention. But now that sister has been dead, we can't do anything about it. We can only let nature take its course." Said Su Qingming with a serious look on his face.

Hearing her Su Qingming's words, Ning Siyao s

ned seemed to a dream for him.

Thinking of Qingyan's words, Su Qingming clenched his fists. He didn't believe that Qingyan would have the ability to know about the future.

Su Qingming wrote a letter to the servant and asked him to hand it to Su Qingteng. Su Qingming made an appointment with Su Qingteng in the Yihong Brothel.

He was confident that he would win the game this time.

Dressed in black brocade, Qingyan, along with Yaochi, Yanmei and Anying, appeared in the Yihong Brothel. As soon as the procuress saw them, she walked up to them.

"Your four must have come for the first time. I've never seen you before." Procuress Rong looked at the four with smiles, and the girls standing beside all looked at them with eager eyes.

Yuming patted her shoulder and said, "Procuress Rong, we want to see Huaner."

Procuress Rong felt a pain on her shoulder, and then realized that the four men in front of her were not here to have fun. They just came to look for Ronger, not to mention that only a few people knew her private name.

The more Procuress Rong looked at the four people, the more she felt they were familiar. She couldn't help shivering when she looked at Yaochi and then disappeared quickly.

He was one of the four guardians of the Wanshou Pavilion, the Qinglong Guardian!

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