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   Chapter 194 Careful Scheming (Ⅰ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6528

Updated: 2020-01-15 00:22

As soon as Yanmei and Anying got back to the Diqiu City, they told this matter to Qingyan.

They had done a thorough investigation on Su Qingteng, especially when it came to the murder of kindergarten. Su Qingteng didn't feel ashamed of it, but proud.

After Qingyan heard the whole story, she looked at them and said with a smile, "I really didn't expect that Su Qingteng would have such a romantic time in the Luzhou City. Most importantly, he did a good job hiding it from everyone. "

Yaochi didn't know what was in Qingyan's mind, but he took it for granted when he saw the expression on her face.

"Miss, what do you think about Su Qingteng?" With a confused expression on his face, Yanmei asked, "if he wants to deal with Su Qingteng, it will be enough for him to crush him."

"Right. What Su Qingteng did is really a scum." Anying agreed with Yanmei very much. He couldn't believe it after he saw what had happened in front of him. How could such things happen in the Donghe Kingdom.

He grew up in the Nanchen Kingdom. Maybe the Nanchen Kingdom had such a dark side, but when he grew up, he discovered that there were very few things like this in the Nanchen Kingdom, especially there were susidiaries of the Wanshou Pavilion everywhere.

"Of course he is not behaving well," Looking at them, Qingyan smiled and said, "but Chai Yiyun doesn't know, and Su Yan also doesn't know it! Even the emperor does not know it. " Qingyan said lightly, but her eyes were full of schemes.

"Then what do you mean?" Anying smiled at Qingyan, "I'm sure you've already figured out a way to deal with the Su Qingteng."

Looking at Anying, Qingyan shrugged and said, "yes, I did. But I the plan will begin when he returns to the Capitial City. In that case, Chai Yiyun would crush Chai Yiyun's last hope."

"As far as I know, Chai Yiyun has been trying to plot against. But she never expect that you would play such a trick to get back at her." Y

mile, "Nothing. Is there any good news again?"

Xuanyuan Yvzhen nodded earnestly as he looked at Lianyang, "that's for sure. You must have known a lot about the affairs of the Su Mansion."

Hearing Xuanyuan Yvzhen's words, Lianyang nodded earnestly. "Not bad. The things between the Su Mansion and the Jiangjunfu have almost been known to each other. Why is there something interesting now?"

Looking at Lianyang, Murong Jingxuan curled his lips and said, "since Su Qingteng's coming back from the Luzhou City, we can catch up on the Laba Festival just in time."

"And then?" Asked Lianyang, looking at them smilingly.

"Do you want to know what has happened to Su Qingteng when he was in the Luzhou City?" Said Murong Jingxuan, looking at Lianyang. He was still wearing a cynical expression.

Xuanyuan Yvzhen led Lianyang into the the Study Room. Then, Murong Jingxuan told him everything that had happened in the Luzhou City.

Hearing the whole story, Lianyang raised her lips and said, "how did you know this news? It is obviously such a secret. "

"Junzhu Leyi sent people to tell us." Xuanyuan Yvzhen looked at Lianyang and said with a smile, "we have intelligence shared, and after all, the Su Mansion wants to deal with her. As her brother, I naturally care about her very much."

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