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   Chapter 192 Madam Chai's Legitimate Son

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6232

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At the same time, in a room, there were constant sounds, as if they were playing with each other. Following the tiny hole on the door, the man sitting at the table was dressed in white underwear, and the woman by his side constantly sent the fruit to his mouth. He was hugged by one woman on his left and the another on his right. There were also several women massaging his legs.

Right then, a man got up from the bed. He walked to the table, took the tea cup and gulped it down.

Just then, the man crooked his finger at the man sitting at the table, and then the man wiggled to the bedside.

"I don't want you to leave." The man said seductively, "don't forget me after you come back to the Capital City."

The other man looked at him and said, "how could it be? I'll come back soon. I won't forget you." He said and put a kiss on the man's lips.

This man was not someone else, but the true son of Chai Yiyun's legitimate son-Su Qingteng.

As a matter of fact, Su Qingteng didn't go to the Lushan School. Instead, he bought a big house in the Luzhou City with his tuition fees, where he raised some toy-boys and toy-girls.

Su Yan and Chai Yiyun, who were in the Capital City, didn't know that. They always thought that Su Qingteng performed well in the Lushan School, but no one knew that a teacher in the Lushan School had already been bribed by Su Qingteng.

Everyone likes the money as long as the amount is big enough.

Standing on the roof, Yanmei and Anying looked displeased. They hadn't expected Su Qingyan would ask them to run such an errand.

Most importantly, they didn't expect that the seemingly dignified third son of the Su clan was also homesexual?

When Yanmei saw this, he and couldn't help swearing, "why did Miss hand such a bad job to us? It's really bad luck."

Anying, who was lying on the roof, said helplessly, "it

ay, she asked Zizhu to buy some cakes.

"It's been a long time since I practiced calligraphy last time." Qingyan went to the desk and began to write "heavenly cycle" again and again.

"Miss, I remember you are good at drawing, but I haven't seen you draw for a long time." Yaochi asked with a smile.

Hearing his words, Qing Yan nodded with a smile, "in that case, how about I draw a picture for you now?"

Hearing what Qingyan said, Yaochi nodded seriously. "Thank you, Miss."

As Qingyan spoke, she took off the pigment she put on the desk. Since her reborn as Su Qingyan, she seldom did paintings. Although she sometimes made painting for fun, it seemed that she hadn't done it for a long time.

Looking at Yaochi beside her, she suddenly remembered the first time she met the four of them many years ago. Then she started to draw the outline of the character bit by bit.

When Zizhu brought the desserts to Qingyan, she saw Qingyan drawing. In her memory, although Qingyan liked painting, she had never been so obsessed with it. Zizhu put the desserts aside and walked to the other side to see the figures on the paper. Although it was black, she could see at a glance that the person in the painting Yaochi in front of her.

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