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   Chapter 191 Madam Chai's Plot

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Sitting at the table and looking at the desserts on the table, Jiang Mengrou did not have any appetite at all. She knew that the matter of Su Qingyuan had become a mess and it was difficult for her to deal with Su Qingyan right now.

The only way now was to seek cooperation, and she didn't know who she could ask for help in the Su Mansion.

Ning Siyao had been busy preparing for Su Qingyuan's funeral since her death. As for Suming, he was racketing around, even down to the point of not returning home at night.

Ning Siyao was ashamed to give Su Qingyuan a decent death, so he could only bury her daughter in a barren areas outside the city.

Madam Sujia said that she would not allow Su Qingyuan to be buried in the ancestral hall of the Su Mansion after her death, which would make the whole Su Mansion lose face.

It was a huge blow to Ning Siyao. So she had been in low spirits lately.

Sitting there, Jiang Mengrou meditated on who was the most suitable person, and this person was very important to her.

The little girl looked at Jiang Mengrou and said with a smile, "if you really want to deal with Miss Su, why don't you go to see the Third Madam?"

Hearing the girl's words, Jiang Mengrou thought carefully about the practicability of it.

For all this time, she had ignored Chai Yiyun. After all, the hatred between her and Su Qingyan was also deep.

Although what happened to Dengyan was left unsettled at last, Jiang Mengrou was clear in her heart that it must have something to do with Chai Yiyun, especially after she broke up with the Jiangjunfu, she had heard from a maid that Chai Yiyun tortured Dengyan.

However, Su Qingxue and Su Qingcong was more harsh to Dengyan. But Chai Yiyun didn't think Su Qingyan Melissa would get involved, which was a severe blow to her.

"Do you think the Third Madam will help us?" Looking at the little girl next to her, Jiang Mengrou said seriously, "what's more, we haven't figured out this matte

ne day.

When Su Qingwen heard the news, she covered her mouth to suppress her astonishment. Even though she didn't like Su Qingyuan, she was taken aback by the news. No wonder Su Qingyuan didn't go out all the time. It turned out that she was pregnant.

"Mother, now I am the only eldest Miss of the Su Mansion ." Looking at Chai Yiyun, Su Qingwen said with a smile, "mother, I can earn you reputation in the future."

Looking atSu Qingwen's face, Chai Yiyun nodded earnestly, "yes, your brother is going to come back on the Laba Festival, but it seems that he hasn't been back for nearly a year."

Su Qingwen stood up and hugged Chai Yiyun. She said with a smile, "Mom, brother will work hard too. Don't you know his character? Father has sent to such a far place to study! "

After listening to Su Qingwen's words, Chai Yiyun also hugged her. "If your brother can study hard at the Lushan School, mother will be assured. After all, you still keep the good habit of getting home books every month. He said that you could have a rest at the college on the Laba Festival, and then go to the college after Yuan Festival."

Hearing this, Su Qingwen still kept her smile. "Mom, when brother comes back, you must cook something delicious for us. I haven't had the Laba congee cooked by mom for a long time."

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