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   Chapter 189 Concubine Yi's Plan (Ⅰ)

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The empress looked at Xuanyuan Yvze and shook her head helplessly. "You still don't understand women, my son." After a long while, she said slowly, "Ronghui is much inferior to the daughter of the Su family."

At this point, Xuanyuan Yvze couldn't understand why the empress would say something like that. Was Miss Su really that powerful? After all, she was just an unmarried girl.

If he did marry a woman like that, he would get nothing but a naive girl. He thought Su Qingyan was nothing compared with Ronghui.

The empress spoke helplessly before her son could react, "my dear son, what would you think if the person on your pillow is a calculating person?"

"Of course she can help me get the world." Xuanyuan Yvze stared at the empress and replied without hesitation.

"Indeed. Ronghui is eighteen years old. But look at Miss Su. She's not even fifteen yet, yet she is already as smart as Ronghui. Of course she's not an ordinary girl." The empress said seriously.

Thinking of the case that Xuanyuan Yvfan asked to marry Qingyan, the empress said, "this may be the reason why your second brotrher also wants to marry Miss Su."

Only then did Xuanyuan Yvze come to his senses. Su Qingyan must not a simple and kind girl, considering she could come up with such a detailed and terrifying plan.

In other words, she was a vicious woman.

But it seemed to be good for him, for he was supported by Su Qingyan.

"Mother, I know what to do now." Xuanyuan Yvze stared at the empress and nodded with a smile. "If I have the chance, I will definitely learn from Miss Su."

The empress looked at Xuanyuan Yvze and pondered. After discussing some family affairs, she left the Kunning Palace.

Seeing Xuanyuan Yvze leave the palace, the empress spoke slowly after a long time. "It's

lem, and he didn't have such an idea. However, it was feasible.

But in the end, Su Qingming also hurt his sister, and most importantly, his sister was already pregnant!

"Son, I heard that lady was also pregnant." Concubine Yi said as she looked at Xuanyuan Yvfan with disbelief.

Xuanyuan Yvfan nodded earnestly as he looked at the woman. "She is indeed pregnant, and Chonglou said she was already pregant for several months."

Concubine Yi tapped heavily on Xuanyuan Yvfan's head as she said, "son, think it over. I think it must be Su Qingming who used you." As she spoke, she clenched her fists. "I didn't expect Marquis Jingguo to make such an idea."

"Mother, what do you mean?" Xuanyuan Yvfan asked with a puzzled look. He apparently hadn't figured out the whole thing, and he just believed that it was all caused by Su Qingyan.

Glaring at Xuanyuan Yvfan, Concubine Yi said seriously, "my dear son, what do you think you will end up with if sSu Qingming didn't hurt his sister with you?"

Hearing that, Xuanyuan Yvfan realized that Marquis Jingguo could use this as an excuse to send Su Qingyuan to his mansion and make her his legal wife. All of this was just a conspiracy.

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