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   Chapter 186 Slanders (Ⅲ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6426

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The next day, a slander about Su Qingming and Xuanyuan Yvfan's case had been spread in the the Diqiu City.

There were various versions. Ultimately, it was Su Qingming and Xuanyuan Yvfan who cooperated to kill his biological sister.

The news was spread in court, and Luo Guancheng exaggerated it. Emperor Hongjia also knew about it in court.

Xuanyuan Yvfan's behavior was against the rules, which made Emperor Hongjia very angry.

Emperor Hongjia criticized Xuanyuan Yvfan. He was dissatisfied, but he could not escape the other people's wishes. So Xuanyuan Yvfan was punished and confined.

He felt lucky that Concubine Yi wasn't involved.

As for what would happen to Su Qingming and Suming, it was none of his business.

Suming was demoted, so he became an ordinary official who could not go up to the court. As for Su Qingming, he was also punished to be confined. He was ordered by Emperor Hongjia to stay in the Su family.

When Qingyan heard the news, she was in the Guanjv Palace with Qilian Yvran.

As soon as Qilian Yvran heard that Qingyan was injured, she immediately sent someone to pick her up to the palace. Seeing that Qilian Yvran liked Qingyan so much, ESuyun and Luobingn agreed.

"Qingyan, how did you do that?" Asked Qilian Yvran curiously.

Hearing what Qilian Yvran said, Qingyan smiled. "Mother, don't you know me well?"

As for Qingyan, Qilian Yvran had lived with her for a long time and he knew her very well.

She looked at Qingyan and shook her head, "Qingyan, I know you have suffered a lot in the past years. They deserve it."

In her nature, Qilian Yvran always wanted to protect her family. Moreover, this woman had always been her niece. Even though they were not related by blood, she was still her mother, and the woman she cared about the most was Qingyan.

"Mother, it's not your duty to protect others." "Nothing serious. I just feel sorry for Dad and mom,"

ingyan and nodded earnestly. "What you think it's reasonable? What are you going to do next?"

"Since everyone from the Su Mansion wants to deal with me, we should see who attacked first. After all, someone already sneaked into the Jiangjunfu." A smile crept over Qingyan's face. "But it doesn't matter. I'll handle everything."

Obviously, Qilian Yvran believed in her ability. Thinking of the situation in the palace these days, she frowned and said, "the empress has often come to visit me these days."

"Oh, why does she come to visit you?" "If my memory serves me right, she's always neutral, isn't she?" Qingyan asked curiously, as she observed the look on Qilian Yvran's face

Qilian Yvran looked at her and nodded seriously. "The empress and I have been on good terms all the time, probably because Yvzhen has been helping the crown prince all the time."

After listening to Qilian Yvran's words, Qingyan nodded earnestly. "I understand the fierce relationship between the two. Moreover, the empress is looking up to the crown prince to be the emperor, so she wants to get along well with you."

While listening to her, Qilian Yvran nodded seriously. "Besides, she talked with me about your marriage. She hopes that I can agree that you marry the crown prince."

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