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   Chapter 185 Slander (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6319

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Yaochi knew what kind of person Yaochi was, not to mention that she had been with him for so many years. The only advantage of him was that he was ineloquent and always liked to shift credit to others.

Even if the bottle in his hand was really a gift from Murong Jingxuan, Murong Jingxuan would not use such bottle. There were still some bottles Murong Jingxuan had given to her in her room.

Murong Jingxuan had brought her the medicine before. The bottles were exquisite, mainly white, but not red.

''Yaochiy, everyone has his or her own pursuit of love, and you are no exception." "I don't want you to be trapped in the cage with me for the rest of your life."

Hearing what she said, Yaochi shook her head helplessly. "Miss, I didn't mean it that way. I'm just thinking that it would be a good choice to stay with you all the time."

Hearing what Yaochi said, Qingyan shook her head, "don't you understand, Yaochi?"

Looking at Qingyan, Yaochi still kept a gentle smile on her face and said, "I understand you, miss. As long as I can stay with you and watch you happy, it's also a good thing."

Looking at his serious face, Qingyan shook her head, "if that's the case, it's all right."

But she knew that she couldn't treat things the same, especially when it came to love.

If one couldn't accompany himself all his or her life, there would be many things in his or her life that they would worry about.

What she wanted was to be with her loved one forever and never to ask for the trivial things again.

It was getting dark. When Zizhu pushed the door open, she saw that Qingyan was still sleeping. Thinking of the order from Luobing in the daytime, she didn't task her to get up. There must be something wrong in theSu Mansion, which made her behave like this.

Zizhu knew what was on Qingyan's mind. Qingyan had been hurt before she went back to the Luo family.

have you ever thought about the reason why Su Qingyuan would end up like that?" Qingyan looked at Su Qingming and asked, "didn't Ning Siyao tell you? In fact, the first person she wanted to deal with was me, but unfortunately, it was her daughter who suffered. hahaha! She just eats what she plants. "

Hearing this, Su Qingming didn't know whom he should believe in? Ning Siyao just explained to him what had happened to Su Qingyuan. But she didn't tell him the truth.

"Judging from your look, I can guess that Ning Siyao didn't tell you the truth." "I'm sorry that you have such a shameless mother. She would do anything for her daughter," Qingyan continued with a broad smile

Su Qingming looked at Qingyan and shook his head. "You bitch! My mother won't lie to me. It must be you who lie to me."

"So what? Qingyan looked at Su Qingming, still weaing a smile on her face. It doesn't matter, because no one will know that I arranged everything. If you tell them, who will believe you? "

Su Qingming looked at Qingyan's relaxed face.He knew that the game had been expected by Qingyan from the very beginning, but they kept fooling around. He still didn't believe that Su Qingyan could play such an incredible game.

What the hell was going on?

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