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   Chapter 180 Gambling (Ⅲ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 5876

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Ning Siyao told the news to Su Qingming immediately. Su Qingming then told Benson about it. Xuanyuan Yvfan smiled when he heard the news.

Then he went to the place which he had arranged in advance. As long as Su Qingyan was taken to this place, he would make Su Qingyan his woman. He could do anything to her in the future.

Thinking of what Qingyan had said, Xuanyuan Yvfan showed an impatient expression.

Wasn't she unwilling to marry him? When he was done with Su Qingyan, he would give her to his servants. After all, she had the responsibility to take care of his servants.

After all, they were brothers who went through life and death together.

And when he finally became the emperor, he would grant Su Qingyan the tile of vicious woman. Everything seemed to be great if his plan succeeded.

If he could get Su Qingyan, he would aso get the military leadership of Suyun. They would be a family. Naturally, Suyun would be on the same side with him.

And when the throne was within his hands, then the existence of General Su would be meaningless. He would find an excuse to execute him and his family.

At the thought of this, Xuanyuan Yvfan's lips drew a bloodthirsty arc.

'Su Qingyan, I will let you how regrets feel today.

This is the consequence of offending me. When the time comes, I will make your life a living hell.


As Suyun looked at the Qingyan, he asked with concern, "Qingyan, you shouldn't have drunk off that glass of wine."

With her face blushed, Qingyan looked at Suyun and shook her head with a smile. "Dad, I'm fine. How can I shut the door since aunt has apologized to me sincerely?"

"But you look like drunk." "How about I ask Luobing to send you home?" Luobing continued, holding her in his arm

ncere expression, Qingyan nodded, "I'll wait for you here, mom. Please go ahead."

Looking at Qingyan who was sitting on the bed, she smiled and turned around to leave. But when she turned around, she didn't see the smile around Qingyan's lips.

"Miss, the person you want is here." Then Yaochi appeared beside Qingyan, with the unconscious girl, Su Qingyuan, on her shoulder.

At the order of Qingyan, she put Su Qingyuan on the bed and asked, "Miss, what should we do next?"

Qingyan took off Su Qingyuan's clothes neatly, leaving her alone under the quilt. She had to admit that Su Qingyuan had been brought up well by Su Qingyuan. Ning Siyao was already pregnant, but her stomach could only be seen a little. Considering that it had been a few months since that thing happened.

"Miss, the incense is ignited." After Yaochi put out the fire starter, he walked up to Qingyan and said, "the incense has an illusion effect."

"That's good," said Qingyan, nodding seriously. "Now we can only wait for the main character of the drama to show up."

After all, Xuanyuan Yvfan was the most important character in the show. Without him, the play couldn't go on.

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