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   Chapter 179 Gambling (Ⅱ)

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Qingyanwords aroused Mu Zhimin's interest. No one would want to get involved in such things. What's more, her purpose of coming here was to watch the show.

Besides, Murong Jingxuan had said that a good show was going to be on here, and that he would make sure there would be a show to make Suming unable to stand stanbly on the court.

Of course Mu Zhimin didn't Suming, just as she didn't like Su Yan. In the eyes of Mu Zhimin, she couldn't like anyone who had hurt Su Qingyan.

After all, she treated her own as if she were her sister.

She lost her parents when she was a child, but it didn't mean that no one loved her. Princess Chunyuan treated her very well, and Emperor Hongjia and the empress and the imperial concubine treated her very well.

Although she had the title of Junzhu, she did not become ignorant because of it. But it did not mean that she could be bullied easily.

Especially these people who looked like wolves and tigers.

"Qingyan, if something unexpected happens, Jingxuan and I will be able to protect you." As Mu Zhimin spoke, she held Qingyan's hand.

Qingyan looked at Mu Zhimin and shook her head helplessly. It didn't matter at all. What mattered would be unable to start if she didn't disappear.

She wondered how to discredit Su Qingming. Oh, she forgot that there was also Xuanyuan Yvfan.

By the way, she could also take down Su Qingyuan.

That a man slept with two women often happened in a brothel, but if it happened in a noble family, it would be another scene.

At the thought of this, Qingyan turned to look at Suming. She wanted to destroy his status in the court.

And she would also make Jingguo Houfu suffer.

As the eldest daughter of JIngguo Houfu, if Ning Siyao was not easy to be taken down. Qingyan could only plan step by step to pull off her feathers, so that she would never be able to fly in the

said with a smile, "this is my apology. Can you forgive me?"

Seeing this, Suyuns and Luobing were a little surprised. "What do you mean?"

"Brother, sister, it was all my fault. I want to make an apology to her." Ning Siyao looked at Suyun and Luobing with a tender smile on her face.

"Dad, mom, it's a good thing. Although we are separated, we are still family." Qingyan looked at Ning Siyao and said with a smile, "Since my aunt tries to apologize, I can't say no." After finishing her words, Qingyan took up the glass in front of her and drained the glass in one gulp. Then she poured the glass and said, "aunt, I've drunk it."

Looking at the decisive look of Qingyan, Ning Siyao suddenly felt flustered. She had thought that Su Qingyan would refuse her, but now she drank it all in one gulp without saying anything.

Looking at Qingyan's forthright manner, Ning Siyao picked up the glass of wine in front of her and drank it in one gulp. Anyway, Qingytan had drunk it, and she had achieved her goal.

But she didn't notice that there was water stains besides Su Qingyan's feet.

Qingyan did not expect that Ning Siyao would try to drug her with Qianjinzui, which was only used in the place like theYihong Brothel. Then she smiled.

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