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   Chapter 177 The Sixtieth Birthday Party (Ⅲ)

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Updated: 2020-01-11 20:19

When Qingyan turned around, she saw Su Qingyuan who was hiding behind her. Noticing that Su Qingyuan was trying hard to control her anger and her eyes were empty.

Qingyan smiled happily. After all, Su Qingyuan's would be doomed today. If she really wanted to take revenge, even if she went to hell, she would try her best to accompany her.

Qingyan quickly returned to the front hall, where a lot of dignitaries, even Jingguo Houdu were gathered.

Ning Yuelan instantly noticed that Qingyan was also here. At the thought of what happened during the the Longmen Banquet, she was fumed with rage. But today is lady Zhao's birthday, so she couldn't be impudent.

"Aunt, didn't you say that there would be a good show today? That's why you asked us to come here." With a serious look on her face, Ning Yuelan continued, "is there really a good show?"

Ning Siyao patted Ning Yuelan on the head and said, "Yuelan, don't worry. You will be the only one who is able to marry the second prince."

Ning Siyao's words seemed to have hit Ning Yuelan's heart. She looked at Ning Siyao, nodded earnestly and asked, "aunt, you must be kidding"

Looking at Ning Yuelan and thinking of Su Qingyuan, Ning Siyao felt a bit sad.

Su Qingyuan's belly was getting bigger and bigger. But she had to keep this baby for her future. The moment she saw Qingyan, her resentment towards her increased. If it weren't for Su Qingyan, her daughter would never have lived such a miserable life.

"Aunt, don't worry. Sister Qingyuan will be fine," Looking at the absent-minded expression on Ning Siyao's face, Ning Yuelan asked with concern.

On the outside, Ning Siyao explained that Su Qingyuan was being sick just sick and there was a possibility of infecting. So, Su Qingyuan had been staying in the yard all the time and didn't tell anyone about her pregnancy, including Suming.

But in the end, the whole thing was discovered by Su Qingming. After he knew the

n't think that no one knows what you have done," said Su Qingwen with a sneer.

"I'd like to know why you would mention those things," Qingyan walked up to Su Qingwen continued her talk with a smile.

"Didn't you plan everything? What happened to the elder sister and second aunt and my mother was all because of you!" Looking at Qingyan in the eye, Su Qingwen said coldly, "Su Qingyan, have you ever thought about going to hell after what you have done to your family?"

Qingyan didn't expect that Su Qingwen seemed to be smarter after days of separation. She looked at her and smiled, "family? I think you must have mistaken something. Only the Jiangjunfu is my family. The Su Mansion is just a stranger to me. "

"If I send you to hell, the people in the Jiangjunfu would be heartbroken, wouldn't they?" Hearing what Qingyan said, Su Qingwen threatened coldly.

Looking at Su Qingwen, whose head was tilted to one side, Qingyan grinned, "Oh, I'm dying to know how you're going to send me to hell, second Miss."

Right at this moment, a dagger suddenly appeared in Su Qingwen's hand. She smiled sinisterly and stabbed it towards Qingyan. Looking at the woman who appeared behind her, Qingyan curled her lips and cried, "help! Help! She is trying to kill me! She is trying to kill me! "

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