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   Chapter 176 The Sixtieth Birthday Party (Ⅱ)

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Su Qingxue had always been fond of the poem boook of Qingyan, but she knew that Qingyan also liked it, so she didn't bring it up in front of her. So when she heard what Qingyan said, she felt very happy.

"Qingxue, don't you like it?" "You can tell me what you like in the future. I still have another poem book."

Su Qingxue listened carefully and nodded.

Seeing the expression on Su Qingxue's face, Jiayun knew that Su Qingxue still liked Qingyan. She treated them so well.

Qingyan had been very kind to them, and Jiayun didn't have much ambition now. She just felt that it was good to have such a stable life.

When Qingyan arrived at the Su Mansion, it was Suming and Ning Siyao who were waiting for them at the door. When Suming saw Suyun, he still smiled and greeted him. Anyway, they were siblings.

It was very kind of them to be like this.

Ning Siyao looked at Qingyan with a triumphant smile.

'Today is the day when your reputation is ruined. Then you will kneel down and beg me to let you go.' Ning Siyao thought to herself viciously.

Looking into Ning Siyao's eyes, Qingyan raised her lips.

Her smile made Ning Siyao dazzled. For some inexplicable reason, Ning Siyao felt a little disturbed. However, she knew that Su Qingming and Xuanyuan Yvfan had arranged everything, so there would be no accident.

When Qingyan entered the Su Mansion, she followed Suyun and Suyun directly to the Meixiang House where grandmother lived.

The Meixiang House was well decorated as before. When Madam Sujia saw Suyun, she still smiled. Even though they already split up, Madam Sujia him very well.

"Hello, mother." Looking at the Madam Sujia, Suyun was expressionless. Then, she took the birthday gift from Luobing and said, "this is a gift for you. Hope you can accept it."

Madam Sujia looked at Juanxiang next to her

ad the news after the show is over."

Hearing her words, Murong Jingxuan couldn't help laughing, but he nodded seriously.

If this show was really interesting, he would no doubt spread the news and let everyone in the city know about it.

After meeting with them, Su Qingyan went straight to the edge of the pond. She remembered that she woke up in this pond, and unexpectedly it had been more than several months.

When Su Qingming saw the figure of Su Qingyan standing by the pond, he walked up to her and said with a smile, "dear sister, how have you been?'' I didn't expect you to be here too. "

When Qingyan heard the familiar voice, she turned around and saw Su Qingming. She smiled and said, "brother, how could you enjoy the scenery here leisurely and elegantly?"

With a broad smile, Su Qingming continued, "that's because I'm glad to see your painful future.''

Meeting his eyes, Su Qingyan said with a slight smile, "brother, we don't know the result of the bet. Isn't it too early to draw a conclusion?"

"Since it's settled, why do you think it's too early?" Su Qingming cast a glance at Qingyan and left.

Looking at Su Qingming's back, Qingyan smiled. Let's wait and see who would win in the last.

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