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   Chapter 174 The Fake Sect Supremo (Ⅳ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6189

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Hanyan did not expect that Su Qingming would find an old man to masquerade as the Sect Supremo, but she could not expose a little bit of dissatisfaction at this time.

There was no way that her mother would become become this old man.

Seeing the three people who pushed the door open and came in, Hanyan tried to maintain a smile on his face. He turned around and looked at Su Qingming and Xuanyuan Yvfan in front of him with a smile. "Your highness! Mr. Su!."

Hearing this, the masked man in the room complained, "don't you know me, Hanyan?"

Hearing the man's voice, Yama sneered and said coldly, "Of course I know you. After all, you have taken care of her for a period of time. "

Su Qingming did not care about the coldness in the tone of Hanyan, and then he asked everyone to sit down and discuss the matters about Suyun.

"I've found you the Sect Supremo, Hanyan.'' Su Qingming looked at Hanyan with a smile. "Is it time for you to fulfill what you have promised me?"

"Of course I will," "Can you take off your mask and let me see your face?" Hanyan asked, still with a gentle smile on her face

The man in black who was sitting in front of the Hanyan turned his eyes at Su Qingming and Xuanyuan Yvfan. Su Qingming had a careless smile on his face. "Hanyan, the Sect Supremo was injured. He can't show you the real face now."

"Okay!" "But if you don't let me see the true face of the Sect Supremo, how do I know that you won't find someone to deceive me?" she added, looking at the man sitting in front of her with great interest.

Su Qingming didn't expect that Hanyan was so throny to deal with today. She seemed to have known that the Sect Supremo was sent by them to fool him. But there was no other way out now.

"Brother Qingming, I'm a person of principle. No one can break my principle, not even the Sect Supremo."

Can you give me some rewards? " As she said, she looked outside.

"Of course you will get a reward. I've asked Yaochi to buy your favorite candied haw berries."

When Su Qingming and Xuanyuan Yvfan heard this voice, they turned their heads and looked at the person behind them. Behind them, there was a young woman dressed in black brocade with a golden belt, and she had a cruel and resolute smile on her face.

"Su Qingyan, it's you again. How did you know we are here?" Said Su Qingming, grinding his teeth.

"I'm so sorry for letting you see me again." Qingyan walked up to them, smiled at them and said, "why am I here? Because I am the Sect Supremo!''

When Su Qingming heard this, he looked at Hanyan with a gentle smile. "You betrayed me!"

"That's why I said that you were lying to me!" Hanyan opened her mouth indifferently, "what? I lied to you, so what? But now you have no choice but at my mercy.'' As soon as Hanyan finished speaking, he slapped hard on Su Qingming's face.

Su Qingming did not know why his body was stiff. He could do nothing but watch. With a distressed expression, Qingyan held Hanyan's hand and said concernedly, "Hanyan, your hand hurts, right? Such a thing should be left to Yaochi."

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