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   Chapter 172 The Fake Sect Supremo (Ⅱ)

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6099

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Elsewhere a man in grey killed all the men in black on the opposite side of his horse. He looked at them expressionlessly and said in a cold voice, "go back and tell Qilian Qingyi that I will make her pay for my sister's death back sooner or later." As he spoke, he cut one of the enemy's head with his sword.

Huo Liuyun stood on the horse for a long time, not moving until he heard the voice of a man in black next to him. "Young general, we should set off. Without any accident, we can arrive at the Donghe Kingdom soon."

Qingyang put the sword into the scabbard in his hand. "When we leave here, I will not live the same way as the previous Qilian Qingyang ." Clenching his fists, he continued, "Have you heard something about father?"

The man in black nodded earnestly as he looked at Qilian Qingyang, "the elder general risked his life to protect the crown prince and the princess, and then disappeared. But I don't think he's been found by Qilian Qingyi either."

Looking at the man in black in front of him, Qilian Qingyang nodded earnestly. "That's good. As for Yvning and Yvjing, I think Junmo will take good care of them."

"Young general, I heard that there is an assassin in the Nanchen Kingdom. He is ruthless and cautious, killing everyone whereever he went. I'm afraid that he serves for the crown prince."

Looking at the men in black, Qilian Qingyang shook his head resignedly. "It doesn't matter. As long as Yvning and Yvjing can live, I do not care what kind of situation they become. At least, they can protect themselves."

"If the Sect Supremo saw you like this, he must be very sad." The men in black recalled the memory of Qilian Qingyanin the past. "What she wants is that you all will be happy."

Looking at the man in black, a tinge of indescribable emotion could be seen in Qilian Qi

ned around and left the room. When Qingyan closed her eyes in bed, she could only see the ferocious face of Qilian Qingyi.

She tried to calm down and then finally fell asleep under such circumstances.

Yaochi did not leave until he felt Qingyan's deep breath.

"Brother, how's Miss?"

Looking at the Yanmei, Yaochi shook his head helplessly. "I don't know yet. As for the the deadly posion made of five insects and seven flowers, we can't remove it without the right formula.

"You are right." Then Yanmei shook his head resignedly and continued, "it seems that our Miss has become worse recently. She tries put everyhing on her shoulder.

"Don't you know her?" Looking at the Yanmei, Yaochi said with a bitter smile, "this is her personality. She has always been like this. She has got used to taking care of everything by herself, no matter when was Qilian Qingyan or Su Qingyan."

"Brother, I'm afraid that her life will be in danger if she continues to take on everything. I just hope that we can find the antidote as soon as possible to help her remove the toxins in her body,"

Looking at the Yanmei, Yaochi shook his head resignedly. Then he looked away and no one knew what he was thinking.

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